Friday, July 13, 2012

Lesson Learned - RECOVERY

What a week.  Life is always full of lessons.  Some come sooner and quicker than others.  Some you are just stubborn or think you are invincible and super man and it does not apply to you.

Which brings me to my last 10 days...after my awesome Hang Squat Snatch WOD, and my knee injury.

Exactly 2 days after my workout, my right knee bruised up and I could not walk and there was a small ping pong sized bump right under my knee cap.  It was obviously filled with fluid and tender to the touch.  What the hell?  Damn HSS messed me up!

After a few days of icing and chinese herbs, I was able to meet with my coach for some light mobility work on my knee.  He could see it a mile away, it was some sac that sits under the knee that fluid gets trapped in.  He instantly guesstimated it was my QUADS.  Pretty much the whole upper leg, Quadriceps, Hamstrings and the IT Band.




I finally made an appointment with a friend who is a massage therapist and can do sports/deep tissue.  She gave me an assessment and did a quick massage that was very very targeted and very painful.

I now know I need to do some sort of RECOVERY after my intense workouts.  I will ice and most of all stretch...and ROLL ROLL ROLL!  Something else I learned and picked up...


so now after a work out like squats or snatches etc, I will roll my legs. I simply have to.  Gone are the days where I could be superman, do a WOD and just go home and chill. I now have to think and act more like an old fart/athlete. What do you think Basketball players and Baseball players do after a long game? They go into ice baths and get massaged right away.  I dont have a portable ice bath or a personal masseuse so I have to try to do my best on my own.

I will have learned...time to get stretching.

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