Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday 07212012 WOD

I arrived in class about 15 min early so I was able to stretch out and get a good warm up in my legs.

Coach got to class a little late so even more time to stretch etc.  Here is what we did!

stretch, run/walk, lunges
line drills frankenstein walk, inch worm etc.

Finish the below...on your own 10 min time cap
25 x burpees
25 x push ups
50 x squats
25 x sit ups
25 x "cobra/supermans" - did not finish
25 x tuck jumps - NA

can do the above in any order any way you want, break it down however you want.  Free for all, just finish the required and RXed numbers


3 x push press
3 x front squats
3 x thruster
10 x hollow body crunches

Above equals ONE 5 reps for 4 sets.

Tabatha Squats
20 sec on
10 sec off - resting at bottom of squat
6 rounds


I added some rumble rolling on quads, hams and calves.

I am leaving for Vegas tomorrow! YAY!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday 07/14/2012 WOD

After rehabbing my knee/leg for the last week, I was able to get in a decent workout.  Not great as I was not at 100%, but I tried my best.  Here is what we did:

Run/Jump Rope/stretch
Line Drills - Spiderman lunges, inch worm, stretches

Dumbells - 30lb each
Push Press x 12
Dumbbell swings x 15
Renegade Row x 12 (6 each arm)
Swim kicks
5 rounds of the above

*I did not get through this.  I was able to knock out the push press, most of the swings and a few rows. I honestly probably only got about 70% through the workout.

5 Minute Burner
7 thrusters 30lb db each
7 burpees
at full speed



All in all a great day!

New Whip *updated*

Quick life update...I finally made a leap and got financing for a new used car for myself.  I simply could not be driving my poor 1985 Mazda RX7 every single day.  That poor car needs to chill and be driven on weekends and cruises not being abused on city streets, bumping along with NO AIR CONDITIONING.

I had my eye on my friend Allison's car and after 3 years of yapping I was finally able to pick up the car.

Here are the specs:

2002 BMW E46 330Ci
Titanium Silver on Black Leather
48,192 miles upon pick up
Premium Package w HK Sound

and best part among the insanely low miles is the car is 10000% unmolested OEM bone stock.  NOTHING has been altered or done to the car.  It is in PRISTINE condition!

Here are pics:

2002 E46 330Ci

2002 E46 330Ci

2002 E46 330Ci

2002 E46 330Ci

I just got a clean bill of health from my mechanic.  The car is perfect inside and out.  I just did a major service so it is good to go for awhile.  Oil, all filters, spark plugs, brake fluid flush, diff oil etc. "Inspection Service II" was done early.  Per dealer spec is would of been due at 60K, but since the car has been sitting so much a few of the filters were just filthy so we decided to move ahead with the complete service.  Next oil change is 58K and next major service is 78K.  Not too shabby!  Very pleased.

I have some plans for it....small details and some wheels and suspension etc.  I will document it all for all of you!

I am going to change the lights right away.  The OEM Halogens have to go and fast. I will be upgrading to HID projectors and angel eyes retrofit.  Also my interior lights should be going to LEDs by this evening! The kit came in this morning.  I will swapping out all the interior lights as soon as I get home from work. I also will be switching out my rear tails for the upgraded LEDs.  

Another thing is OEM M3 mirrors.  I have a potential seller that is local and will do the install, so I just need to shell out the cash. is a process!  But it is fun nonetheless....MODDING CARS IS IN OUR CODE OUR DNA!  I cant be driving a stock car right?

Here is a pic a friend's OLD car...he owned this a while ago but shows/gives and idea of where I want mine to sit.:

Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lesson Learned - RECOVERY

What a week.  Life is always full of lessons.  Some come sooner and quicker than others.  Some you are just stubborn or think you are invincible and super man and it does not apply to you.

Which brings me to my last 10 days...after my awesome Hang Squat Snatch WOD, and my knee injury.

Exactly 2 days after my workout, my right knee bruised up and I could not walk and there was a small ping pong sized bump right under my knee cap.  It was obviously filled with fluid and tender to the touch.  What the hell?  Damn HSS messed me up!

After a few days of icing and chinese herbs, I was able to meet with my coach for some light mobility work on my knee.  He could see it a mile away, it was some sac that sits under the knee that fluid gets trapped in.  He instantly guesstimated it was my QUADS.  Pretty much the whole upper leg, Quadriceps, Hamstrings and the IT Band.




I finally made an appointment with a friend who is a massage therapist and can do sports/deep tissue.  She gave me an assessment and did a quick massage that was very very targeted and very painful.

I now know I need to do some sort of RECOVERY after my intense workouts.  I will ice and most of all stretch...and ROLL ROLL ROLL!  Something else I learned and picked up...


so now after a work out like squats or snatches etc, I will roll my legs. I simply have to.  Gone are the days where I could be superman, do a WOD and just go home and chill. I now have to think and act more like an old fart/athlete. What do you think Basketball players and Baseball players do after a long game? They go into ice baths and get massaged right away.  I dont have a portable ice bath or a personal masseuse so I have to try to do my best on my own.

I will have learned...time to get stretching.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

WOD 07/01/2012 - New Moves

I have to post Saturday's technique day.  I did not make it to my usual Saturday AM class but made up for it a little with a technical day.

SATURDAY 6/30/2012
Technique day - Push Jerk
I warmed up and worked up to a 155lb push jerk.  It was not pretty.

SUNDAY 7/1/2012
Today was pretty was crazy.  Here is what I did.

Warm Up
Stretching and jump rope


3 rounds of:
25 x kettlebell swings at 53lbs overhead
25 x burpees

here is the new moves I was working on.  Actually VERY PROUD of myself!

25 x Hang Squat Snatches
@ 65lbs.

check out this demo video...I did 25 of these...

I feel crazy and tired and beat down.  It was intense. I will be working on this movement for sure.