Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New PR last night! WOD - 6/26

Trying to get back into a normal schedule again so I hit the gym last night.  Some people may wonder or ask what my schedule is...well here it is.

I pretty much work out 4x a week.  This consists of

- Cross Training class 1 hour

- Lifting followed by gut wrenching hell "Met Con" workout

- Free Gym day - go in and do some "traditional lifting" or whatever I need to practice or work on.

- Technical/Technique day - here is where I work with my coach on getting my form and technique down.  I have major flexibility issues, so I either work on perfecting the normal lifts like squat and deadlifts, push presses etc to the very technical like snatches and clean and jerk etc.  Def a more Olympic type technique day.

So last night was a "free gym day" but since I did so bad on last Sunday's WOD  coach wanted me to work on my deadlifts.

Row 1500m  = 6:17

135lbs x 10
185lbs x 5
225lbs x 1
245lbs x 1
275lbs x 1
295lbs x 1
315lbs x 1
325lbs x 1
345lbs x 1 - NEW PR (PERSONAL RECORD!)
Truth it was not hands cannot grip the weight.  Coach would not let me use straps...if I had straps I think I could of went higher. I will try again with straps on another day.  But lifting 345 off the floor feels GREAT!!!!  I was happy.  In pain but happy!

I finished my work out doing
185lb deadlift (alternating between sumo and traditional) for 7 reps every minute for 8 minutes.
Total of 56 reps of 185lbs.

Tonight is my technique night so Coach already said we are working on my thruster.  The problem there is obvious, my depth at the squat is horrible. I am not flexible on the below squat and am slow and weak.  I am good over heard once I move up but the squat down kills and slows me down a lot for most wods.  We shall see!

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