Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday 06042012 WOD

What a class today.  Now I never can make it to class on Mondays.  515PM is just too early to make it to Pasadena from WeHo so I only go on holidays or the off chance I get off work early enough or get to work from home, which was the case this evening.

So I went it...I think we broke a fire hazard code in that room.  I heard the class record before was 34...I think we beat it today. TALK ABOUT FULL!  Man we had to partner  up for the first part of the workout and then do stations afterwards.  Here is the WOD:

stretching, run, walk, lunge, inchworms, side stretch squat walks etc etc.


Partner Workout
p1 - 35lb dumbbells, ground to shoulder, then 3 squats, then press over heard
10 of those

p2 - is holding a hollow body position or plank

switch back and forth for 4 rounds.

1 min each rotation for 3 rounds
Plate Push
Box Jump
Pylo Pushup
KB swings
Weighted Burpee
Rest was bad.  Hard hard workout.  Everyone was crazy sweaty and beat down.  Now that is a great class!!!  Now I have to work all week at E3 and then come back on Saturday to kill it! YAY!

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