Sunday, June 24, 2012

Abricott in Pasadena

Last night I had dinner with my good friends Myls and Paul. They came all the way from the SCV via Cerritos to hang out in Pasadena.  THANK YOU!

We had dinner at a new spot that has really great Yelp scores and was reccoed by a couple folks...we went to ABRICOTT in Pasadena on Lake.  It was yummy!

First thing, the room is very eclectic with cool art hanging on the walls and a cool "wall" that was created with books and old windows...


Very unique and creative idea for sure.

Now for the food...this restaurant actually has A LOT off the menu items...I ordered the off menu Pork Ribs...yummy!


my girl got the Abricott Burger with Cheese..


Myls got the pork belly sandwich which she said as awesome


Paul ordered the ground chicken burger which I did not take a pic just looked like a burger! HA!

Def a cool little spot that is local and has good fresh food.  The prices are actually very very reasonable. For the 4 of us the bill was under $50 not bad at all.  Will def give it a try again one of these days!

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