Friday, June 29, 2012


The Man With The Iron Fists

Can I just say I cannot wait....yeah I am going to force my GF to see this with me....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New PR last night! WOD - 6/26

Trying to get back into a normal schedule again so I hit the gym last night.  Some people may wonder or ask what my schedule is...well here it is.

I pretty much work out 4x a week.  This consists of

- Cross Training class 1 hour

- Lifting followed by gut wrenching hell "Met Con" workout

- Free Gym day - go in and do some "traditional lifting" or whatever I need to practice or work on.

- Technical/Technique day - here is where I work with my coach on getting my form and technique down.  I have major flexibility issues, so I either work on perfecting the normal lifts like squat and deadlifts, push presses etc to the very technical like snatches and clean and jerk etc.  Def a more Olympic type technique day.

So last night was a "free gym day" but since I did so bad on last Sunday's WOD  coach wanted me to work on my deadlifts.

Row 1500m  = 6:17

135lbs x 10
185lbs x 5
225lbs x 1
245lbs x 1
275lbs x 1
295lbs x 1
315lbs x 1
325lbs x 1
345lbs x 1 - NEW PR (PERSONAL RECORD!)
Truth it was not hands cannot grip the weight.  Coach would not let me use straps...if I had straps I think I could of went higher. I will try again with straps on another day.  But lifting 345 off the floor feels GREAT!!!!  I was happy.  In pain but happy!

I finished my work out doing
185lb deadlift (alternating between sumo and traditional) for 7 reps every minute for 8 minutes.
Total of 56 reps of 185lbs.

Tonight is my technique night so Coach already said we are working on my thruster.  The problem there is obvious, my depth at the squat is horrible. I am not flexible on the below squat and am slow and weak.  I am good over heard once I move up but the squat down kills and slows me down a lot for most wods.  We shall see!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Horrible Sunday WOD - 06/24/2012

Happy Sunday...I wont even start with the witty banter...this WOD was hell.  It was no any way.

1000m Row - 4:07

LIFT = Strict Over Head Press
95lbs x 10 for 2 sets for warm up
5 x 2 ladder set

105lbs/115lbs/135lbs/155lbs/ 165lbs!!! (NEW PR!)

21/15/9 for time of:

185lbs deadlift
95lbs thruster

my goal was to do this in under 10 mins...NO WAY...NO was horrible.  I did this in 15:53.  FAIL.

It was bad...I have nothing else to say about it....ugh.

Abricott in Pasadena

Last night I had dinner with my good friends Myls and Paul. They came all the way from the SCV via Cerritos to hang out in Pasadena.  THANK YOU!

We had dinner at a new spot that has really great Yelp scores and was reccoed by a couple folks...we went to ABRICOTT in Pasadena on Lake.  It was yummy!

First thing, the room is very eclectic with cool art hanging on the walls and a cool "wall" that was created with books and old windows...


Very unique and creative idea for sure.

Now for the food...this restaurant actually has A LOT off the menu items...I ordered the off menu Pork Ribs...yummy!


my girl got the Abricott Burger with Cheese..


Myls got the pork belly sandwich which she said as awesome


Paul ordered the ground chicken burger which I did not take a pic just looked like a burger! HA!

Def a cool little spot that is local and has good fresh food.  The prices are actually very very reasonable. For the 4 of us the bill was under $50 not bad at all.  Will def give it a try again one of these days!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

WOD catch up - Wed 6/20, Fri 6/22, Sat 6/23

I know I know...super lagging on inputting my workouts.  Here is the catch up.

I also took the last week off...I need a break. I was feeling in a funk and I just needed a reset and a rest.  So Wednesday the 20th was my first day back after a week off...10 days total of not training.

Technique Day
Back Squat

Row 750m - 3:21

95lbs x 5 (2 sets)
135lbs x 5
165lbs x 5
185lbs x 5
205lbs x 3
225lbs x 3 (5 sets)
135lbs x 8

Bench press/chest

135lbs x 10
155lbs x 10
185lbs x 5

WOD 5x5 =  5/5/5/5/5
235lbs (4 + 1 fail spot)
235lbs (2 reps, fail)
225lbs (4 +1 fail spot)

Cool Down Row
750M = 3:08

Row 750M - 2:56
Jump Rope
Line Drills - spiderman lunge/inch worm, side squat walk, squats, suicide runs with 15 push ups

15 air squats
20 situps
20 lunges
2 rounds

Plate work - 45lb
Plate Swing
Weighted Squat
Lateral Jumps
30 sec each - 1 min rest = 5 rounds

4 mins of 15 squats, 15 sit ups
1 min rest
3 mins of lunge presses (45lb plate)
1 min rest
2 min burpee


OK..we are now all caught up!

Blog Catch up - Afternoon Tea, Sun 6/17

I am playing catch up...I have not had a chance to blog in the last sorry for my loyal readers.  Yes all 8 of you!

Last Sunday I took my special lady to her first Afternoon Tea!  It was pretty cool and a great experience for both of us.  We went to the Tea Rose Garden on Raymond in Pasadena CA.


They have a couple of sets you can order or go ala cart.  We had the $18 set which was more than enough. It comes with a green salad, your choice of tea, up to 3 sandwich choices, a scone with whipped cream and jam and small assorted lemon bars and cheesecake bites.



the salad

here is the tray for our orders.  The good stuff!  Sandwiches!


fresh fruit

lemon blueberry scone...OMG so good!

Have to admit the cream was the star of the show for sure.  It was so light and flavorful!  Loved it!

last shot of the little goodies that came with the set..


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Suck Day - 06102012 WOD

I don't even know where to was horrible.  PAIN PAIN PAIN.
I have never threw up after a workout and I almost did. I pretty much dry heaved, luckily I did not eat anything before hand so I did not throw up any food. I just coughed up phlegm and other gross stuff.

This was the worst workout I have experienced thus was horrible.  Let's get to it...

Row 500M
95lb clean and jerks x 5
115lb clean and jerks x 5

WOD - this pretty much killed, I have seen death in the face....
*for time*
21 x clean and jerks @ 135lbs
500m row
21 x clean and jerks @ 115lbs
500m row
21 x clean and jerks @ 95lbs
500m row

I did this in 24:45
sigh...I dont even know what else to say....I will curl up and cry now.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friday 06082012 and Saturday 06092012 WODS

I was able to get off work early on Friday.  Thank you to the gays!  It is GAY PRIDE weekend in West Hollywood and even on Friday AM, the whole Pacific Design Center was already fenced in.  Street closures were starting and basically we got let off early.  I was able to make a Friday class which was great!  Here are the 2 workouts!

Warm Up


45lb Plate

12x overhead press
15x overhead squat
18 x sit ups
5 rounds of the above

Teams of 3 workout
30 x burpees
40 x box jumps (4 risers)
50 x plate swings (25lbs)
60 x alternating lunges

I was only able to complete 2 rounds....we then stretched and that was that....ugh.

Warm up

run/walk/lunges/spiderman and bear crawls

Dumbbell work - 30lb
7 x single arm snatch
15 x single arm thruster
5 rounds of the above

Cash in - 75 walking lunges
4 rounds of:
15 x renegade row burppee combination
25 x jump squats
Cash out - 75 situps

Needless to say I did not finish this one either...I was able to BARELY complete 2 rounds and 50 sit ups.  i will say we were running out of time so I doubt anyone else finished as well.  Some probably got to their final rounds but I know no one was able to complete all 4 rounds.  Way too hard!

Now I have to be ready for Sunday's workout...which I already know what it is...and it sucks.  Read it in a couple me I am NOT looking forward to it.

Happy Weekend All!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday 06042012 WOD

What a class today.  Now I never can make it to class on Mondays.  515PM is just too early to make it to Pasadena from WeHo so I only go on holidays or the off chance I get off work early enough or get to work from home, which was the case this evening.

So I went it...I think we broke a fire hazard code in that room.  I heard the class record before was 34...I think we beat it today. TALK ABOUT FULL!  Man we had to partner  up for the first part of the workout and then do stations afterwards.  Here is the WOD:

stretching, run, walk, lunge, inchworms, side stretch squat walks etc etc.


Partner Workout
p1 - 35lb dumbbells, ground to shoulder, then 3 squats, then press over heard
10 of those

p2 - is holding a hollow body position or plank

switch back and forth for 4 rounds.

1 min each rotation for 3 rounds
Plate Push
Box Jump
Pylo Pushup
KB swings
Weighted Burpee
Rest was bad.  Hard hard workout.  Everyone was crazy sweaty and beat down.  Now that is a great class!!!  Now I have to work all week at E3 and then come back on Saturday to kill it! YAY!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday 06032012 WOD - FAIL

I had a busy week and a great workout on Saturday AM but I tried writing it down but got confused.  So anyways, it was a good workout nonetheless.

Let's see what I did today.  Oh man...let's  just get to the WOD.

Warm Up
PVC Pipe Warm up, Jump Rope, DU practice

5 rounds of

15 x Hang Power Snatches @ 75lbs

15 x Double Unders for 1 and switched to 10 x Double Unders for the rest of the workout.

30 min cap.....

I failed....I was only able to complete 4 rounds and 2 snatches before I collapsed.  This is one my few failed workouts. I have been pretty good, I may not be the fastest or best, but I FINISH.  I am kinda disappointed actually.  I really dont like to fail a workout...sigh.

It was pretty bad.

on a side note...I remembered that I this was the MOST double unders I have ever done in a sitting.  Pretty cool....everything else sucked but at least I did some DUs!