Thursday, May 10, 2012

Technical Day - 5/9/2012


Last night I headed over to PS&C and started to warm up for the PUSH JERK.  This is one of my favorite lifts but man the more "correct technique" I practice the HARDER it is.

I like to think I am fairly strong, I have def gotten weaker since getting into more crossfit type exercises but I can still do decent numbers on the basic stuff.  What I am learning is the more "correct" you are the harder it is to adjust and you have to go lower in weight.  If I just had to muscle up a weight I can do it and go pretty heavy but when I have to do it sucks!

coach had to use the olympic bar, so I used the "girls" bar which only weighs 35lbs.

Bar x 5
65lbs x 5
85lbs x 4
125lbs x 4
135lbs x 3
155lbs x 1 , +1 fail
155lbs x 1


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