Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday WOD - 05262012

Perfect morning for a long weekend holiday workout...we got beat today...and I mean BEAT.

stretching, static and dynamic, jump rope
line drills - spiderman lunges, side squats, high kicks floor touch etc, calf stretches


Dumbbell Work - I had a 22.5lb and a 45lb dumbbell.
10 x single leg squat aka pistols with weight (22.5lb)
10 x single arm g2o/snatch (45lb)
hollow body hold - 1 min
alternating arms for 3 rounds

10 x burpee jumps
Single arm push press x 15
Single arm lunges weight over head x 10
alternating right and left for 3 rounds
I started with 45lbs for the push press but after 1 round I had to drop back down to using the 22.5 for the rest of the workout.


Brutal workout....but the rumor is Monday is gonna be BAD...we have been warned!!!

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