Saturday, May 26, 2012

Not Another Jeans Post

I recently picked up a new pair of jeans. A pair of Levi's GREY jeans.  I needed a new pair...and GREY is a great alternate to usual indigo and black.  Feel free to search this blog for my previous posts on my DENIM SNOBBERY. Yeah...I am a Denim Snob...not in the sense of it has to be pricey I am just into SELVEDGE DENIM pretty much now.  Sure I own a pair of Rock and Republics, Sevens and a pair of Diesels.  Those are my "mainstream" brands and they are not selvedge.  I am trying to go only selvedge moving forward.  Please feel free to wiki SELVEDGE if you have no idea what I am talking about.

It pretty much means SELF EDGE or the natural ending to a roll of fabric...and when Denim are Selvedge they are better made, better quality and they just take more time, effort and more fabric to make, up to an average of 3 extra yards.

I picked up a pair of grey CALDER Jeans...a low waist, straight leg with a slight taper.

How to care for your new investment!
Levi's Calder Selvedge Jeans

Inside Pockets
Levi's Calder Selvedge Jeans

Levi's Calder Selvedge Jeans

Here is the SELF EDGE that the word Selvedge comes from...because of the edge the seam will never fray.

Levi's Calder Selvedge Jeans

Levi's Calder Selvedge Jeans

It's all in the details!!!
Levi's Calder Selvedge Jeans

so usually the story ends here...but no...these are VERY SPECIAL JEANS.....

Levi's Calder Selvedge Jeans

Levi's Calder Selvedge Jeans

Notice the size????  These are

Levi's Calder Selvedge Jeans

I pretty much want to celebrate...NO ONE CAN TELL ME NOTHING!!!

In these last few months I have been dropping some weight.  When  I first begin losing some weight I felt great that people noticed.  At my very heaviest I was 255lbs.  I now weigh around 220-225lbs. My waist was sz 40...all my pants are a 40 feels great to drop TWO PANT SIZES!!!!!

There has been chatter among my friends and peers regarding my diet and that my gains should be more swift and even more apparent.  But like I say to them I will say in my blog. I am not an elite athlete, I am not training for the olympics, I am very pleased with my current pace and I am EXTREMELY HAPPY for days like this.  Dropping 20+ pounds and dropping 2 waist sizes is a VERY GOOD yeah it took almost a year when I can do it in a few months....yeah well.  This is a marathon...a life marathon not a sprint.


slight muffin top...but the jeans fit...they really fit!!

You can see my belly here...but the jeans fit PERFECT...and I think I can wedge myself into a 35 and some 34 waisted pants.  I actually tried on some 34s and the although I could button the top, the belly was overflowing so I put those!

I am beyond happy regardless.

The hard work is actually paying off!  I can FIT  36.  WOW...that is all I can say.  I am sooo happy and proud of myself.  No one can bring me down anymore.  Feels so good. This fitness cult I am in is paying dividends!


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fuLOGGin' said...

So awesome Iriving! I am so proud of you! So funny we are training for different things, but at the same time. I am also going through the same weight feeling as you, I dropped between 10-13 pounds these last 4 months and am sure proud of it. It's not only that the pounds are loss, but that I can actually do something active now..found something, as you have!! So stick to it, it's a lifelong THING you are sooo right!! Diets suck, so just work a bit hard when you feel like having that fried yumminess!! Congrats THUS far! It's not the end, it will never end and that is a good thing! Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration these months! You look awesome!! xoxox Sandy