Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday night WOD = HELL!!! 05182012

So after getting back from 5.5 hours of driving from Berkeley for my little brother's graduation (separate blog on that once I get the pics all edited) I had the great idea to head to the gym to make it to the 530PM Xfit class with Brandon.  Not a great about a butt beatdown ( no homo)

WARM UP ( I was late so missed most of it)
stretch, line drills, spiderman crawls etc

Every Minute On The Minute
4/8/12 of Hand Release Push ups, sit ups, air squat
after 5 mins of above
after 2 minutes

I pretty much tapped out after that.

Plate work...I started with a 45lb plate thinking I was bad ass...bad move I moved to a 35lb plate with a quickness.

Ground to Overhead
Plate Swing
Plate Twist
Plate squat (using a goblet style hold)

30 sec rest after 45 sec of work adding 30 secs everytime....4 rounds.  NO BUENO.

Stretching with some MMA moves for hip flexibility.  Good stretching for sure.

Here is where most people go home, go eat, relax. Nope...not me.  Me and another trainer decided to do this workout...the OPT of Coach Brandon who did it on video here...

OPT Tester

It is:

250M row
15 kettle bell swings @ 70lbs
25 burpees
15 kettle bell swings @ 70lbs
250M row


Scott did it in 4:36....I did it in....6:25.  NOT BAD.....right?  considering a just finished an hour workout above.

I was beat after that.  I was light headed, I did not barf but felt like it...and my chest was tight and it was hard to breath the rest of the night.  Pretty crazy.  But I am happy I did it.

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