Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday WOD 4/7/2012

My foot was giving me pain this morning.  I had to get home and down 4 Aleve's in hopes it gets better so I can walk and WOD tomorrow.

So my mobility was effected so I had to adjust.  Here is what we did:

line drills, various back and forth, I did what I could.

5 x squats
5 x push ups
5 x sit ups
5 x tuck jumps (skipped since my foot was hurting)
3 rounds in a warm up pace with increased intensity

Plate press x 20
Plate swing x 30
Plate jumps x 30 (subbed for plate squats)
Plate sit ups x 20

I used a 35lb plate - big mistake...I will go into that more later.

first 2 rounds we did in a good pace with a rest. Then...

3 rounds for time.  Go as fast as you can...

I only completed 2 rounds with only 15 squats and only 10 sit ups.

As for the weight I used.  I need to check my ego for sure.  When doing these volume type workouts with 20 or 30 reps, I really need to LOWER the weight.  I thought I was cool lowering to 35lbs...but in reality I should of grabbed the 25lb plate.  If we were doing a more strength base workout I would of grabbed the 45lb plate and be the rock star in class.  But this workout...after the 1st round I should of just lowered the weight so I could complete the workout.

Some lessons are learned the hard way.

Tomorrow is EASTER SUNDAY...I am going to attempt GRACE again...and trying to do it under 6 mns.  I am also going to video it so I can watch myself and share on my blog.  Fingers crossed it goes well.

Until tomorrow!

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