Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Wedding WOD - 4/28/2012

So this morning I got myself to the gym to sneak in a work out before the wedding this afternoon.  Today, my good friends Chris and Nan are getting married in Descanso Gardens in La Canada.  The space is actually gorgeous and a good option if and when I ever pull the trigger! HA! is the morning workout.

WARM UP - stretching/mobility
Jump Rope
Line drills - squat shuffles, spiderman lunges, bear crawls, high knees, butt kicks
Squats, Planks, etc etc.

Overhead Lunges
Push ups 1 count bottom, 1 count top
Split Lunges
3 xs the above, 10 each

Team WOD with Partner
150 box jumps
60 Burpee thrusters
150 double dumbells swings

partner and I completed everything except the burpee thrusters.


Pretty brutal was tough.  Came home had a 6oz Protein shake, water and BSN's Syntha 6 protein and a crunchy granola bar.  Lunch is going to be some fish tacos before we head to the wedding.

The next few days are going to be tough...I have to leave to NYC on a red eye Sunday night.  I arrive in NY on Monday 8AM, I have an internal staff meeting at 1-5PM and then I fly back to LA on Tuesday am at 1030AM arriving at LAX around 1:45PM.  Head home to work from home rest of the afternoon.

My next workout will probably be on Wednesday night.

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