Friday, April 13, 2012

First Failure - 4/12/2012 and 4/11/2012 WODs

Wednesday night I went in for some O Lifting and Technical work.  It was a cold and wet night in South Pasadena so Coach and I decided I would do some technique work.  We decided to go with BOX SQUAT and SNATCH.

I started with warming up on Jump Rope, did a few overhead squats then worked on my depth with air squats.  Then got on the rack for some backsquats.

Bar x10
95lbs x 10


135lbs 2/3/3/3/3/3/3
As you can see, I left the weight at 135 and just kept practicing my technique.  Getting waaaay back and making sure to keep my shins straight perpendicular to the floor.  It was hard and I have flexibility issues...obviously.  Definitely getting better and better but still need lots of work.

We then switched it up to some SNATCH work. (Notice I used a TEAM CHINA!)

Bar x 5
65lbs x 3/3/3/3
Again worked on TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE!!!!  It actually got better and I can feel the movement.  Really stoked on it.  It really felt like a light came on and it all just felt right.


Last night I went to the gym to make up for not going in on Tuesday.  I had another great workout expertly programmed by my coach...but in it I experienced something I have never felt before.  Here is the WOD:

Jump Rope - 10-15 minutes
singles and practice double unders (I got 2 in a row!)

Bench Press x2 to failure
So this is a strength set.  Basically just work up to a 2 rep failure.  Simple right?

Single Arm overhead press x 1
Another simple set, just grab a dumbbell and press it from your shoulder over your head.  Work 1 rep to failure, each arm single.

6 x 500m row with 1 min rest in between each set

No comment on was brutal and hellish...but I am happy out of all the sets my slowest was 2:11 and I averaged around 2:06-2:08 for all my sets.

Bench Weights
135lbs x 10
185lbs x 10
225lbs x 2
245lbs x 2
275lbs x 2
285lbs x 1, 1 fail

Single Arm Presses
40lbs/50lbs/60lbs/70lbs/75lbs LEFT ARM ONLY!  Right arm FAIL.

Here is the point...I actually FAILED  at 285 on my bench. If Coach was not there spotting me, I may have died...ok not die, I would of racked it on my chest and slide the weights off side to side.  But as I lifted 285 and got that 1st rep, I felt OK. It was heavy and I just barely got it up...but when I went for the 2nd rep I froze. The weight stopped about 3 inches above my chest and I LITERALLY COULD NOT LIFT IT. I have never felt that before in my life.  I would go heavy and have friends spot but I always was able to move the weight a little.  Not last night...I felt TRUE MUSCLE FAILURE last night.  It was scary...I have never experienced or felt that in my whole life...having this weight on top of you that you could not move, it was such a helpless feeling.  Very weird. single arm press...weird my left seemed stronger than my right. I got to a 75lbs dumbbell and got the left up...but I could not press it up with my right.

Crazy experience last night...having a bench press muscle fail....I dont want to ever feel that again...but I guess I will have to if I am to improve and get stronger.

I guess it is true...take a FAIL and make it a WIN....use that experience and prep yourself for the next one because there will be another one...and another one and another one until you do WIN, just dont give up!

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