Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Fail "Grace"

I had a master plan today.  A beautiful sunny Easter Sunday.  I was going to video it with my camera and post this on the blog and hopefully beat my time from last week.

GRACE - 30 clean and jerks @135lbs

1st attempt - 6:51

The goal was to go at or under 6 minutes.

But what did I do?  I failed myself by not prepping and planning for this workout.  I woke up around 8AM, went back to sleep, woke again at 10AM and went back to sleep and then woke up around 1130 and headed to the gym.  Did I eat anything?  NOPE.

Everyone knows you need to FUEL before a heavy duty workout...and another bad thing was my friend was supposed to meet me there and he was going to help me time and keep score. Now I wont blame him for anything but I know I need motivation.  I need to have someone there to maybe encourage and yell and push me.  So all in all it was a bad day at the gym.

I pretty much had everything going against me to succeed at this workout.  Another lesson that I KNOW but did not listen or execute.  My bad....

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