Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools - "Grace"

April 1 - April Fool's...and no this is no joke.  I attempted GRACE this afternoon.  Here is the workout.

1K Row for warm up - 4:36  - super slow but I was chilling to warm up.

"GRACE" - 30 x clean and jerk @ 135lbs as RXed.
For those that dont know Grace is one of the "foundation" Crossfit workouts.  It is part of a number of female named workouts like Fran, Karen and Isabel.  Feel free to youtube GRACE and you will see the workout.  It is pretty hard.  I have always wanted to try it and see where I stacked up.  I really hate proving my coach right but when he is right he is right.  He is probably reading this and thinking "Why dont he listen to me?"  I just hit this wall when the pain envelopes my body and I just want to shut down.  It is definitely a mental block and I guess that is what separates elite athletes from recreational peeps to 24 hour fitness weekenders. (No offense to those that run on a treadmill at a global gym and go home).  I cant get over that mental block...when the pain hits I just have to struggle to work over and through it.  This work out made me face the challenge.  I did OK.  There is some room for improvement.  I did GRACE, prescribed in:


Not bad....I then did ANOTHER 1K row for time trial...I did it in 4:07

Then ended the afternoon with a 1 hour kickboxing session.  Not too shabby. I am going to feel like crap tomorrow.  I already know it.  But...the feeling of accomplishment is worth it.  I feel good...tired but good.

Thanks again to Coach...for the yelling and crap.  I do appreciate it...and I guess that is the reason you have a trainer/coach right?  Push you to do things you dont want to.  I have to travel for work this week for 2 days.  I hope I am not too wrecked for my meetings.  We shall see.  Should I bring my jump rope for some DU practice at the hotel gym?  I need to research and make sure there is a gym in the first place.  If not I can always do some squats, push ups, sit ups in my room.

Have a great week readers!

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