Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why I need to listen to my coach***

Catchy blog title huh?  Well, I have someone to thank for that.  cough cough...

OK moving on.  This Sunday, I continue with my goal of mirroring the Crossfit Open 2012 WODs.  I have not registered and just doing this for "fun" and testing myself.  If you saw my flopping walrus video and post you will know what I mean.

So this week is the second open workout.  SNATCH!  Yes...the 12.2 workout is as follows;

30 x 75lbs
30 x 135lbs
30 x 165lbs
AMRAP x 210lbs

in 10 mins.

I completed an "amazing" 34.  Which means I got 30x 75lbs and was able to pull out my PR of 115 to 135lbs for 4 reps in that 10 mins.  WOW!

So see why the title of this blog is appropriate?  I guess I need to listen and admit it when I wrong. were right I was wrong.  I smashed my PR and got up 135lbs. It was nasty and sloppy but I did it.  I am beyond happy.  Ready for the next WOD!!

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