Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why I care about Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin, at this very moment in time, he is the SHIT.  Period.  After his 3 straight wins for the Knicks against the Lakers even, this kid is the real deal.  Why would I care?  Any one who reads this blog and knows me, knows I AM NOT A SPORTS not even A BASKETBALL FAN.  I will cheer and support my Lakers when we are in a Championship..of course I will. I am in LA duh. I care otherwise? I have never said I was a fan and can barely name any players unless they are associated with a sneaker.  But why do I care now?  JEREMY LIN.  I will state for the record now...

I am not a sports/basketball fan.....


This Taiwanese/Chinese kid is changing the game in every definition of that statement.  Let's start with the obvious.  What makes him so good?  After reading several sports articles and listening to commentary about him, every analyst will agree he has a great basketball IQ.  He understands the game.  Then you look at his what they call "court vision."  Seeing your team, knowing where to pass, where to end up, and where to go. Lin has it.  His assists are out of no where.  How about his plays?  Def not fancy at all.  Very basic fundamental moves, he is not super showy, he doesn't need it to be...although a couple of spin moves in last night's game will change that statement in a hurry.  I will go back to the old school Michael Jordan way of play.  One of the things that made MJ awesome, was he actually MADE HIS TEAM PLAY BETTER!  That is what a captain is supposed to do.  Lin makes his team play better.  He can not only take the ball on his own, but he passes and gives assists to his team so they score as well.  How about inspiration and motivation?  He brings in so much energy, it makes EVERYONE play better.  That is what makes him incredible.  

Let me just go into why I care so much...why? I see myself in him.  Being an ABC (American Born Chinese) I can see and relate to him.  He is like millions of Chinese kids in the US...his story is sooooo typical, it could be any of my friends.  Grew up in the bay, friggin went to Harvard?  He probably plays piano and cleans his room too right? I mean that is sooo stereotypical...but that is where it ends.  Jeremy Lin is CRUSHING STEREOTYPES.  How is this CHINESE kid doing things on the court and in a game that pretty much African Americans have dominated?  The weak, nerdy, WOW playing, Chinese totally being changed right in front of our eyes right now.  I take that back..forget Chinese...ASIAN.  Whether you are Japanese, or Filipino or Korean, you have to LOVE THIS GUY for what he has and will accomplish.  What other Asian sports stars do we have?  Yao Ming?  Well barely and he came from China proper.  Maybe there are some golf and tennis pros...but for a Chinese man to come out to Madison Square Garden and light it up against my very own LA Lakers and just kill it?  That is game changing.  All perceptions of an Asian man in pro sports can be changed now with Jeremy Lin.

I just hope he continues on his path and just keep doing it.  I want to tell my kids one day that I was around and was able to see him do his thing.

Now I need to get that Lin Jersey.....stat!

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