Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday 02/25/2012 WOD

Sorry for being a day late on this post.  Yesterday just ran away from me for some reason.  Crazy.  OK...let's start with the morning workout.

8:30AM - Bodies in Motion, Cross Training class
1 min jump rope
1 min stretch
4 rounds of the above

5 Burpees
10 Overhead Squats w/ jump rope
15 Sit ups (last set, no sit ups)
7 rounds - rest as needed and increase speed and intensity with each increasing round

Resistance/Banded Sprints
Freeze Jumps on platform and risers (4 risers)
KB/Plate swings (35lbs)
2 mins each station, no rest
2 rounds
1 min each station no rest
1 round

Stretch - END

10:30AM - Performance Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Lifting Practice

this is probably one of or the most dynamic and difficult lifts in powerlifting and crossfit.  Here is a quick video on the how to technique etc...

I need to practice one a few more times but it felt good yesterday.  Here is the workout:

Bar x 2 (2 rounds)
65lbs x 2 (2 rounds)
75lbs x 3
85lbs x 2
95lbs x 2 (2 rounds)

105lbs x 2 - new PR

Then Coach pushed me to go 10 more get to 1/2 my bodyweight.  I was nervous but wanted to try...sooooo...

115lbs x 1 Max Rep - NEW PERSONAL RECORD!!!!

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