Friday, February 24, 2012

Nitto Tire Ride & Drive Event - 02/23/2012

Just got home from an AWESOME couple of days!  My client NITTO TIRE hosted a ride and drive event in Scottsdale, AZ for a select group of editors.  We have Motor Trend, Road & Track, Mom Central and 24/7 Mom as well as Tire Review and Modern Tire Dealer.  We had the full spectrum of media to launch the Nitto's new MOTIVO All Season line of sport tires.  It was such a success, I am so proud to be part of it.

OK enough words..let's see some pics!

We all flew in Wednesday afternoon, evening and had a nice welcome dinner on the hotel property where we stayed.  The Scottsdale Plaza Resort, which was HUGE.  The resort sits on 40 acres...yes it was big and everyone had suites. We were definitely enjoying our rooms.  After the welcome dinner, everyone got acquainted and went to bed as we had a big day tomorrow.

THURSDAY 2/23 - event day.

We started the morning with a light continental breakfast.  We wanted to keep things light as lunch was early and we did not want to weigh everyone down with a heavy meal.


We started with a presentation....

Editors were provided with materials and some swag....


the new MOTIVO tires...

Stephen from Nitto speaking to the editors


After the preso we headed out poolside and had a lovely light lunch.  Sandwiches and chips and ice tea.  Perfect to get everyone ready for some driving.  We then piled into our own shuttle bus and headed to the track.



and here is what we all got to drive and beat was so much fun and we all learned so much!


Brand new Jaguar XFs...we had four of them.  This was the event.
1 - OEM tires
2 - Nitto NT05, super high performance sport tire
3 - Nitto INVO, high performance tire
4 - Nitto MOTIVO, all season performance tire

all four cars were identical with ZERO MODS...the ONLY DIFFERENCE WERE THE TIRES!!  So we all had wristbands and cycled through each car taking them on both wet and dry.  In the pic above each car is marked, you can see the black one was the INVO car.

Here are a couple videos I took with one of our instructors ANNIE SAMS, she took us out in the NT05 car.



So get to stomp on the cars and see what the tires can do and how to drive correctly.  It was an awesome experience.


The NT05 is no joke...that tire grips like a makes you feel like a superman behind the wheel...amazing.


but in the end that is what that tire is made for...super high performance.  The tire we were there for the MOTIVO really gives the best of both worlds.  Wet and Dry and super grippy and easy to control.


as you can see...major differences in each tire..



and our special guest for this afternoon the new MOTIVO

our instructors...all champion racers and drifters and instructors...very cool folks.  It was an honor to sit un the car and take their instructions.



lining up for their runs..


Gorgeous day...


after an AMAZING dinner at Eddie Vs...a few of us wanted a night cap...yawn. Tired but still having fun!


Excellent day of learning, fun and work!  It is a good life when you can count events like this as work.  I am very lucky indeed.

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