Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flopping Walrus

Today I did the first workout of the Reebok Crossfit Games Open Workout.  This is the workout that anyone can do and register their score and see how they stack up to the rest of the world.  I did not register for OBVIOUS reasons...I am not kidding myself.  I am not going to place anywhere near the top 100 or even 200 or anywhere.  So why not save the $20 and use it for my tickets to the games.

Soo..the workout is AS MANY REPS AS POSSIBLE in 7 MINUTES of BURPEES.  The Burpee standard is chest and hips hit the floor and you have to touch a target at least 6" above your extended reach.

This is the standard....per Crossfit HQ.

Enough is the Walrus Flopping I is my video.  Since I am not registered, this is just for ME and ME ONLY.

59 is my final reps.

Saturday 02/25/2012 WOD

Sorry for being a day late on this post.  Yesterday just ran away from me for some reason.  Crazy.  OK...let's start with the morning workout.

8:30AM - Bodies in Motion, Cross Training class
1 min jump rope
1 min stretch
4 rounds of the above

5 Burpees
10 Overhead Squats w/ jump rope
15 Sit ups (last set, no sit ups)
7 rounds - rest as needed and increase speed and intensity with each increasing round

Resistance/Banded Sprints
Freeze Jumps on platform and risers (4 risers)
KB/Plate swings (35lbs)
2 mins each station, no rest
2 rounds
1 min each station no rest
1 round

Stretch - END

10:30AM - Performance Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Lifting Practice

this is probably one of or the most dynamic and difficult lifts in powerlifting and crossfit.  Here is a quick video on the how to technique etc...

I need to practice one a few more times but it felt good yesterday.  Here is the workout:

Bar x 2 (2 rounds)
65lbs x 2 (2 rounds)
75lbs x 3
85lbs x 2
95lbs x 2 (2 rounds)

105lbs x 2 - new PR

Then Coach pushed me to go 10 more get to 1/2 my bodyweight.  I was nervous but wanted to try...sooooo...

115lbs x 1 Max Rep - NEW PERSONAL RECORD!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jordan IV and X

Last night I was able to grab a couple of sneakers that I thought I could not get.  I got lucky and thanks to my old friend Glorie and her hubby for the hook up.

I was able to grab the Chicago Xs and the very much sought after IV white and cements.  Let's look at the Chicagos...

I missed this release and just thought I would not get them, until I spoke to Glorie and found out that her hubby is looking for the Playoff 13s.  I had an extra a straight trade was in order!  Perfect!  That is why you buy one to rock and one to this case my extra pair netted me these babies..




I went ahead and switched to RED laces.....some peeps like some not so much...I like and I dont care what anyone thinks.




Now time for some grails...I have always loved these shoes and this color!!!
This release was so crazy, I just gave up..and did not even try.  The resellers had these going for $300 plus.



simply gorgeous...and we remember this scene right?

and yes I switched these to grey laces...



Friday, February 24, 2012

Nitto Tire Ride & Drive Event - 02/23/2012

Just got home from an AWESOME couple of days!  My client NITTO TIRE hosted a ride and drive event in Scottsdale, AZ for a select group of editors.  We have Motor Trend, Road & Track, Mom Central and 24/7 Mom as well as Tire Review and Modern Tire Dealer.  We had the full spectrum of media to launch the Nitto's new MOTIVO All Season line of sport tires.  It was such a success, I am so proud to be part of it.

OK enough words..let's see some pics!

We all flew in Wednesday afternoon, evening and had a nice welcome dinner on the hotel property where we stayed.  The Scottsdale Plaza Resort, which was HUGE.  The resort sits on 40 acres...yes it was big and everyone had suites. We were definitely enjoying our rooms.  After the welcome dinner, everyone got acquainted and went to bed as we had a big day tomorrow.

THURSDAY 2/23 - event day.

We started the morning with a light continental breakfast.  We wanted to keep things light as lunch was early and we did not want to weigh everyone down with a heavy meal.


We started with a presentation....

Editors were provided with materials and some swag....


the new MOTIVO tires...

Stephen from Nitto speaking to the editors


After the preso we headed out poolside and had a lovely light lunch.  Sandwiches and chips and ice tea.  Perfect to get everyone ready for some driving.  We then piled into our own shuttle bus and headed to the track.



and here is what we all got to drive and beat was so much fun and we all learned so much!


Brand new Jaguar XFs...we had four of them.  This was the event.
1 - OEM tires
2 - Nitto NT05, super high performance sport tire
3 - Nitto INVO, high performance tire
4 - Nitto MOTIVO, all season performance tire

all four cars were identical with ZERO MODS...the ONLY DIFFERENCE WERE THE TIRES!!  So we all had wristbands and cycled through each car taking them on both wet and dry.  In the pic above each car is marked, you can see the black one was the INVO car.

Here are a couple videos I took with one of our instructors ANNIE SAMS, she took us out in the NT05 car.



So get to stomp on the cars and see what the tires can do and how to drive correctly.  It was an awesome experience.


The NT05 is no joke...that tire grips like a makes you feel like a superman behind the wheel...amazing.


but in the end that is what that tire is made for...super high performance.  The tire we were there for the MOTIVO really gives the best of both worlds.  Wet and Dry and super grippy and easy to control.


as you can see...major differences in each tire..



and our special guest for this afternoon the new MOTIVO

our instructors...all champion racers and drifters and instructors...very cool folks.  It was an honor to sit un the car and take their instructions.



lining up for their runs..


Gorgeous day...


after an AMAZING dinner at Eddie Vs...a few of us wanted a night cap...yawn. Tired but still having fun!


Excellent day of learning, fun and work!  It is a good life when you can count events like this as work.  I am very lucky indeed.

Classic Timex

I saw this watch on HYPEBEAST's page and for $40 had to have it.  Why not?  $40 for such a cool looking little watch?
Check it...


Classic military retro TIMEX watch in Olive/Army green with a cool material strap in Olive Green.


This is simple and easy to rock everyday and a cool conversation starter for sure!



seriously for $40?  Cannot be beat with a it!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday 2/19/2012 WOD

100m run
5 burpees
10 air squats
5 push ups
3 round of above w increased intensity each round

Back Squat
Bar x 10
95 x 10
105 x 10
125 x 10
135 x 10

1/2 body weight max reps
115lbs x 30 reps

20 KB swings - 70lbs/55lbs/70lbs
20 push press - 95lbs
100m sprint - run 1 way,  walk/jog back
3 round of the above

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sat 2/18/2012 WOD

Great day at the is what we did:

Jump Rope/Squats/Push ups - whatever we wanted

4 Min each
5 burpees + 25 single jump ropes @ 70% effort

10 presses (30lbs each) + 10 sit ups @ 80% effort

5 burpees + 10 tuck jumps + 15 air squats @ 90% effort

60 single jump ropes + 15 push ups @ max effort 100%


5 stations @ 1 min each, no rest

Wall Balls (20lbs)
KB Swings (35lbs)
Walking Lunges
Man Makers (weighted burpees 30lbs)
Renegade Rows (20lbs)

3 rounds of above

Stretching...DONE!  Great morning of lots of movements etc.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Tonight was one of those nights..... Every once in awhile you push through and get results you never knew you could.  Tonight was a night for me.

I warmed up w a 250m row.  Stretching.... And got started.  This is a crossfit mainsite workout from last week.  Here it is...

2000m row
50 wall balls
1000m row
35 wall balls
500m row
20 wall balls

Wall balls are using a 20lb ball at a 10ft target.
My projected finish was sub 35...and good for me would of been 30 mins.




here is the video to the workout

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday AM WOD 01/12/2012

Good chill workout this afternoon.

Run around the block
25 sit ups
Row 350m/burpees
Burpees/row 350m
25 sit ups
Run around the block

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Stupid Racist Commercial

Funny or Die is comedy!

Why I care about Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin, at this very moment in time, he is the SHIT.  Period.  After his 3 straight wins for the Knicks against the Lakers even, this kid is the real deal.  Why would I care?  Any one who reads this blog and knows me, knows I AM NOT A SPORTS not even A BASKETBALL FAN.  I will cheer and support my Lakers when we are in a Championship..of course I will. I am in LA duh. I care otherwise? I have never said I was a fan and can barely name any players unless they are associated with a sneaker.  But why do I care now?  JEREMY LIN.  I will state for the record now...

I am not a sports/basketball fan.....


This Taiwanese/Chinese kid is changing the game in every definition of that statement.  Let's start with the obvious.  What makes him so good?  After reading several sports articles and listening to commentary about him, every analyst will agree he has a great basketball IQ.  He understands the game.  Then you look at his what they call "court vision."  Seeing your team, knowing where to pass, where to end up, and where to go. Lin has it.  His assists are out of no where.  How about his plays?  Def not fancy at all.  Very basic fundamental moves, he is not super showy, he doesn't need it to be...although a couple of spin moves in last night's game will change that statement in a hurry.  I will go back to the old school Michael Jordan way of play.  One of the things that made MJ awesome, was he actually MADE HIS TEAM PLAY BETTER!  That is what a captain is supposed to do.  Lin makes his team play better.  He can not only take the ball on his own, but he passes and gives assists to his team so they score as well.  How about inspiration and motivation?  He brings in so much energy, it makes EVERYONE play better.  That is what makes him incredible.  

Let me just go into why I care so much...why? I see myself in him.  Being an ABC (American Born Chinese) I can see and relate to him.  He is like millions of Chinese kids in the US...his story is sooooo typical, it could be any of my friends.  Grew up in the bay, friggin went to Harvard?  He probably plays piano and cleans his room too right? I mean that is sooo stereotypical...but that is where it ends.  Jeremy Lin is CRUSHING STEREOTYPES.  How is this CHINESE kid doing things on the court and in a game that pretty much African Americans have dominated?  The weak, nerdy, WOW playing, Chinese totally being changed right in front of our eyes right now.  I take that back..forget Chinese...ASIAN.  Whether you are Japanese, or Filipino or Korean, you have to LOVE THIS GUY for what he has and will accomplish.  What other Asian sports stars do we have?  Yao Ming?  Well barely and he came from China proper.  Maybe there are some golf and tennis pros...but for a Chinese man to come out to Madison Square Garden and light it up against my very own LA Lakers and just kill it?  That is game changing.  All perceptions of an Asian man in pro sports can be changed now with Jeremy Lin.

I just hope he continues on his path and just keep doing it.  I want to tell my kids one day that I was around and was able to see him do his thing.

Now I need to get that Lin Jersey.....stat!

Wall Street Journal - J.Lin article

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Jeremy Lin on Kobe Bryant, God, and His Fast Break to Fame

Getty Images
Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks drives against Jason Kapono and Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers at Madison Square Garden on February 10, 2012 in New York City.
When The Garden is full and the right moment hits, it sounds like a riverbed canyon during spring thaw. The roar is deafening, and it rebounds from wall to wall, off the rafters, and into your face with tangible force.
The first time you felt that sonic boom was a few minutes into last night’s program, when No. 17, Jeremy Lin — the man of the hour, the evening and just maybe the season — trotted into the strobing lights of the world’s most famous arena for the first time this evening. As every screen in the house lit up with his picture, the packed crowd let loose with an ear-splitting cacophony: Shrieks and hoots and applause and shouts of “MVP” and behind it all, the roar, that thunderous roar that some call the Knicks’ secret weapon, at least when the Knicks aren’t being utterly terrible. You know, like they were B.L. — Before Linsanity.
Which, as hard as it is to believe, has been with us less than a week.
So maybe it’s not totally hard to imagine a superstar like the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant shrugging his shoulders and rolling his eyes when asked by reporters about the Jeremy Lin Phenomenon after L.A.’s titanic duel with the Boston Celtics the night before.
“I know who he is, but I don’t really know what’s going on too much with him,” he said. “I don’t even know what he’s done. Like, I have no idea what you guys are talking about….What the [expletive] is going on? Who is this kid?”
Bryant admittedly has plenty of domestic distractions to keep him from reading the headlines that the whole rest of the world’s been glued to. And people have pointed out that Bryant is of the Jordan school, which says that opposing players are the enemy and need to be treated with public contempt and disdain. Still, the remark, coming on the heels of a stunning, uplifting week for those of us who knew exactly who “this kid” was, stuck in the craw.
And all over the Garden, there were signs that the number of people who knew “this kid” had multiplied exponentially over three incredible games. It wasn’t just Asian Americans anymore, or the hardcore Knicks addicts who’d stuck with the team when it was terrible. It certainly wasn’t just Harvard alums.
The first sign was the roar at Lin’s entrance, bigger than for any other player on the team. The crowd, they knew who this kid was.
The second sign was the t-shirts and jerseys, hastily printed and on sale at the Garden souvenir stands. Right next to the ones you’d expect, STOUDEMIRE, ANTHONY, even CHANDLER, there were ones with just three little letters. And as you walked the halls of MSG, there were more backs sporting those three little letters than anything. Backs of all ages and races. The fans knew who this kid was.
At the shootaround, a familiar goateed figure in head to toe blue and orange: Director Spike Lee, the biggest, most bold-faced devotee of the Knicks, the guy who anchored the team’s celebrity sideline (especially on nights when the hated Lakers came to town). Asked what he thought of Jeremy Lin, he immediately whipped out his Blackberry. “Know what I think of Jeremy? I got a list, this is my list of nicknames,” he said. “These all start with Jeremy and end with Lin.”
Lee proceeded to spend the next ten minutes rattling off new handles for Lin, slam poetry style, that he’d invented or received from his vast Twitter following, waving away cameras and other fans: “Jeremy, moves so sick, they need insu-Lin.” “Jeremy, hang my jersey from the cei-Lin’.” “Jeremy, the Lakers, you better be double-Lin.” Lee, he knew who this kid was.
And Knicks legend Bernard King, dressed in a spectacular suit — the only guy able to briefly distract Lee from his litany of Lin-spiration — told Lee to keep going, keep rolling, because he was a huge fan: “Lin is the real deal. He’s the true point guard the Knicks haven’t had in years. He’s the guy the Knicks have needed all along.” He knew who this kid was too.
In the locker room, Lin’s teammates — journeyman Steve Novak and fellow young gun Iman Shumpert — had nothing but praise and love for the guy who’d turned their season around. “He’s incredible,” said Novak. “He’s the sweetest guy in the world, totally humble. He’s young and hasn’t been here long, but he already knows our game, knows the team, inside out. We love him.” Why does Novak love him? “Well, because he gets me shots….I’m kidding!” But he wasn’t entirely kidding. With Lin at PG, Novak has dropped fountains of three-pointers on his opponents and transformed from an obscurity into one of the deadliest parts of the Knicks game.
And soft-spoken Shumpert, seen as a big but disappointing part of the Knicks future before Lin came in and changed everything, he put it best when he talked about the guy he referred to as the heart of the team: “Jeremy doesn’t need all this attention from everybody,” he said. “He’ll give you the clothes off his back. And that’s what makes him a rock star.”
So maybe in an arena of 25,000 people, only one guy didn’t know, or claimed to not know, who this kid was. And that guy was the NBA’s biggest and most flamboyant talent, perennial All-Star and MVP candidate Kobe Bryant.
One quarter into the game, unveiling an amazing ability to penetrate, discombobulate and elevate against the Lakers suddenly Swiss cheese-like defense, Jeremy Lin stood at 10 points, three assists, against future Hall of Fame lock Bryant’s six points, zero assists. Bryant frequently watched stunned as Lin made his teammate Derek Fisher look frankly ridiculous with jellyleg cartoon crossovers and one insane spin move to the basket that became the evening’s signature offensive play. Twitter suddenly boomed with people tweeting: “WHO SAID ASIANS CAN’T DRIVE?” and linking to pics of Lin whipping past a frozen Fish.
By midgame, the screen had lit up with Lin’s smiling portrait and the flashing words LINSANITY a half-dozen times, and Lin’s line was head and shoulders above anyone else on the court: 18 points, five assists, two rebounds. Numbers any player would be proud of at the end of a game. But this was at the half. Lin was clearly on track for a monster performance.
Kobe, meanwhile, who makes almost as much in salary per game as Lin had made all season, had hit just one of his first 11 shots, and put up an anemic (for him) ten points, zero assists, and four rebounds.
It wouldn’t stop for the rest of the game. When Lin was off the court, the Knicks lost momentum. When he came back in, good things happened. In the fourth quarter, with the Lakers making a last-ditch charge and coming within a handful of points, Lin walked off the sidelines onto the floor (ROAR) and threw stilettos into L.A.’s suddenly racing heart, dropping a pair of back to back buckets on Fisher’s noggin — technically beautiful layups, nothing fancy — and then letting himself get hammered to the floor on defense, drawing a charge and offensive foul that turned the ball over and pretty much put the hopes of Lakers fans to rest.
With the game out of reach, Kai Ma, former editor of the L.A. based Koream Journal and now managing editor for New York’s Asian American Writers Workshop, summed up the feelings of Asian American Angelenos watching the game with a tweet: “I’m so sad, BUT I’M SO HAPPY” — happy to see Lin lock down stardom with an unbelievable, Lin-conceivable game-high, career-high 38 points, seven assists and four rebounds.
At the post-game presser, every question Coach Mike D’Antoni got was about Jeremy Lin. D’Antoni looked ecstatic to take them. After all, Lin saved the season, the team, and D’Antoni’s job (at least for now). And then he left and it was announced that Lin would be brought in to the press room shortly. During the break, a veteran sports-beat guy audibly said to his seat neighbor: “I said Lin was a fluke. I should be fired. We should all be fired.”
And then Lin walked in, humble, eyes downcast, without the swash or swagger that one might expect from the NBA’s newest, biggest hero. “I just give all the praise to God,” he said, when asked about the game. God, and his teammates: Lin dished honor to the rest of the roster as smoothly and unselfishly as he distributed the ball on the court.
But the question had to be asked, and so I did. “Jeremy,” I said, when the mike passed to me. “Do you think Kobe knows who you are now?”
A slow smile spread across Lin’s face as the room erupted in laughter. “You’ll have to ask Kobe that,” he said. “But he actually helped me up off the floor” — after Lin was nailed in a cross-court collision — “so I think he knows who I am now.”
Oh, Kobe certainly knows who “this kid” is now. And so does everyone else. Those Jeremy Lin jerseys? Sold out. “We’ll have more by tomorrow!” said a concession stand worker brightly. You’d better, or there’ll be riots.
In the streets outside the Garden, people were shouting “JEREMY LIN!” at the top of their lungs, and chanting, over and over, “MVP.” It’s hard not to feel like this isn’t a watershed moment. Hard not to feel like this is historic. Hard not to think that we’re at the cusp of an actual tectonic shift in the culture, when an Asian American “kid” could be the unquestioned king of one of the most storied franchises in sports, the guy that every guy in the room wishes he could meet and every kid in the room wants to group up to be.
Author and U. Michigan professor Scott Kurashige summed up the sense that we were in a new world now, living in the Year of Our Jeremy, with a Facebook post for his daughter that might have been only a little tongue in cheek: “Dear Tula,” he wrote. “When you were three years old and your father had a fellowship year at Harvard, I took you to see President Lin play when he was a mostly unknown college basketball player, many years before he went on to win seven NBA championships, two terms in the Senate, and the Nobel Prize for ending global warming and ridding the world of nuclear weapons. Love, Dad.”
Maybe that’s a lot to put on a 23-year-old kid just four starts into superstardom.
But maybe it’s not. As Lin put it, you’ll have to ask Kobe that.
“Tao Jones” is Jeff Yang’s weekly column for Speakeasy on Asian culture. Tune in Friday for the next installment. Follow him on Twitter at @originalspin.
What do you think? Leave your thoughts about #Linsanity in the comments.

WOD - 2/11/2012

Saturday AM romp at the gym went something like this.

Run/walk/high knees/butt kicks
Spiderman lunges, inch worm, side squat steps

Single Arm ground to overhead to overhead squat 8x each arm - 27.5lbs each arm
5 rounds

Dumbbell squat thrusters - 30lb each
Dumbbell row
Squat jumps
Push ups
45 sec on/ 15 sec off
3 rounds


this was class...I then headed over for some Olympic Lifting where I worked on my PUSH JERK.
Bar x 10
95lbs x 5
125lbs x 5
135lbs x 3
165lbs x 1
18lbs x 1
**195lbs x 1** - New PERSONAL RECORD!!!!

tired now...gotta get rested for tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Last Night WOD - 2/7/2012

Went in for a WOD last night...still feeling sluggish and slow, hand is 100xs better but is still visibly effed.  Weird.

Here is the workout.

1000k Row - 4:04 (setting 3)


30/20/10 for time of the below:

Dumbbell thrusters - 35lbs each
Push ups
Assisted pull ups (70lbs)

FINAL TIME - 17:54

I know I can definitely be faster...the thrusters KILLED me...ugh. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012



1st Workout Back

So I pulled/strained a tendon in my left hand.  I have been out of the gym for a week now and I went in today for a light workout as my hand is still funky.  You can see a visible knot in my hand that goes up and down as I open and close my fist.  Crazy.  Well here is what we did:

Run/walk/shuffle/high knees/butt kicks

10x air squats
10x sit ups
10x push ups
10x jump squats
3 rounds


45 seconds of each using a 35# KB (remember my hand is injured so I had to go low weight)

KB squat
KB swing
KB twist
lateral jumps
rest (1-2 mins)

5 rounds

various stretches with some core/abs movements.

I had a hard time this morning.  After a week of, my cardio which was not that great to begin with is even worst. I was gassed.  This workout above, I should of crushed it with ease.  But I was having a hard time...I hope my hand heals quick so I can get back into it ASAP.  It was so frustrating and sad to be so tired during that workout.