Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Years WOD - 1/22/2012

Awesome Chinese New Year Eve Afternoon, pretty much perfect So Cal weather to workout and walk.  Here is the WOD-1/22/2012:

Warm Up
1000m Row-4:12 (not great)

8 minute workup to max 3x deadlift
-135# x 3
-185# x 3
-225# x 3
-255# x 3
-275# x 3 (end in 8 mins)

Every minute on the minute for 15 mins. If miss, rest for remainder and start at new minute:
3 x burpee
4 x push up (hand release)
5 x sit ups (I cheated on these with less than strict form)
6 x air squats

1-11 unbroken
12 -  missed and rested
13-15 - completed
So I missed ONE...out of the 15. Not too shabby!

After I walked about 3 miles around the Silverlake reservoir with my girl and her doggy.  Nice cool down.  Perfect perfect afternoon!  Now time for dinner at mom's!!!

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