Saturday, January 7, 2012

1/7/2012 - WOD

A good day at the gym.  Morning was misty and very cold but it warmed up and we did some good stuff in class this morning.

Jump Rope

WOD Part 1

Strict Dumbell Press hold for 3 count at top, 2 count down to shoulders x 8
Single Arm Ground to Overhead x 8 each arm
5 rounds
2 sets then rest for 2 min

WOD Part 2
5 stations for 1 min each rotate 2xs
Wall Ball
Sit Up
KB Swing (35#)
Box Jumps
90# Sled Pull Burpee


After class, I then headed for some Olympic Lifting aka my "techniques class."

I told my coach I want to attempt GRACE (30 x clean and jerks @ 135lbs) this Wednesday.  Maybe I should of kept my mouth shut.  So to prep for that here is what we did.

Clean Grip Dead Lift - 3 x 3 @165lbs
Clean Pulls  - 3 x 3 @ 155lbs
Power Clean & Press/Jerl @ 135lbs - 1 every 45 sec for 10 reps

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