Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday 12302012 - LAST WOD of 2012

Here it is...the last workout of 2012.  It was pretty hefty if I do say so myself.

Let's see what I did to make up for the Brazilian Buffet I had the night before...of course it was all Paleo so its all good right?  No carbs...hahaha...

4 rounds of:
250m row
3 pull ups
10 x lunges
10 x GHD back extensions
5 x each arm KB snatch @ 35lbs

Box Squat Ladder x 2
add 10lbs until failure to complete reps

Begin - 115
End - 225  YAY!!  NEW PR!!!  What a great way to end the year!!

Overhead Squat 3 x 3 @ 80% effort
WU - 65lbs and 95lbs
Working set of 115lbs

Power Snatch 1 x 6 @ 60% of 1RM  EMOM (every minute on the minute)

100 x GHD Sit ups for time
*I probably did 75% good ones...this was killer. My abs are not my strongest anyone can attest. But I grinded it out...finished in 10:40.


Friday, December 28, 2012

The last 3 WOD... Christmas Edition

Ok... Let me just state,  I am blogging this from my phone... So it won't be too fancy.  I felt I was getting too behind on the workouts I just needed to post.  So here goes... Excuse any crazy typos please!


10 x push up w 2 sec pause
10 x lunges one leg
10 x jumping jacks
10 x lunges other leg

44lb kb swing into a squat + run
With a partner

Plank hold
Squat hold

Switch out w partner

Cool down run


Christmas eve workout... Failed becuase the gym was closed.
Bike ride for approximately 3 miles

A. Backsquat 3 x 7 rest 2 min
Warm up bar x 10
95#x 10
225# x 3. Fail last set.... Only 1 rep

B.  Push press 6 x 5 touch &  go rest 90 sec
155# x 2

C.  Power clean + press @ 95#
3 x EMOM for 10 minutes

5 minutes to complete 30 x deadlift @ 175lbs

Cool down row = 1000m

7 count squat
Walk out stretches

35lb plate

15 x thrusters - >15x - >20x - >25x - >20x - >15x
15 x plate swings. *same as above
10 x weighted sit ups *keep at 10x throughout

6 min AMRAP with partner
Battle rope

Stretch and cool down

So there you have it.  Going to have a couple more workouts this weekend before ringing in the new year!   Standby!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday WOD - 12182012

OK, time to test my memory. I am at work now and trying to post this WOD from yesterday at Asylum Gym LA in Old Town Pasadena. Let's see how my memory is shall we?

RUN - the "Dayton" path  *I also ran most of this..thanks to my big mouth talking to Chris throughout the run I actually ran it!

Stretch and warm up with some mobility work.

6 count squat with 2 count hold at the bottom x 3

Ring Dip Hold
10 x each arm Ground to Overhead x 2 (35lbs)
Hollow Body Hold
3 rounds of the above

1 burpee + 10 x goblet squat *using 35lbs plate across all movements
1 burpee + 10 x plate swing
1 burpee + 10 x squat jump holding the plate
3 rounds

*penalty burpees = 15
- this was for getting lapped by Brandon doing the above workout. He did 2 rounds and I had to do my last 3rd one.

Good workout for sure to start a crazy week...and not bad, like other elephants I have a good memory! YAY!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Catch Up

For those that may have noticed or care...I have been MIA a bit on my blog.  The reason is simply way busy.  Work has cranked up because everyone wants to get everything done before the holidays.  It was and is super busy.  Then I recently moved out of the condo I share with my sister.  It has been a long 8 years and  it was time to live apart as the condo was getting crowded for both of us.  Long story short, I left to a 1b 1ba apartment down the street.  So all is well in the world.  This also means no internet at least not yet. I plan on calling the first of the year and getting hooked up.  Until then I have to either blog from work or at my sister's place which is where I am now..  OK now you have the backstory...let's get to the weekend was a GREAT way to get back into it.

*I have worked out since the last post but nothing too crazy or worthy of catching up...I think this weekend's WOD will make up for it.  See below!

SATURDAY - 12152012 AM Bootcamp

10 x lunges (2)
50 x flutter kicks
3 rounds

20 x push ups
50 x mountain climbers
20 x jump up
2 rounds

15 x push ups
30 x jump ups
15 x push ups
50 x mountain climbers

12 minute AMRAP of:
20 x KB swings (45lbs)
20 x goblet squats
20 x presses

stretch DONE!

SATURDAY  - Workout #2 Chest/Back lifting
Fat Gripz Bench Press
135lbs x 10 (2)
185lbs x 5 (2)
225lbs x 3 (2 + 1)

Incline Dumbell Press
40lbs x 10
50lbs x 10
65lbs x 10
75lbs x 7

Machine Flys
70 x 10
100 x 10 (2)

Seated Rows
Wide - x 10 = 70/100/120

Lat Pull Down
Close Grip - 70/100/120
Wide Grip - 70/100/120

Pull up practice
10 reps *3 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps, 2 reps

SUNDAY FUNDAY WOD!!!  12162012

Row 1k @ 80% - 4:08
Row 1k @ 90% - 4:02

Power Snatch/Over Head Squat 2 x 12 (every minute on the minute, load weight every 2)
45lbs / 65lbs / 85lbs / 95lbs / 105lbs / 115lbs

Strict Press
10 x 95lbs
8 x 115lbs
6 x 135lbs
4 x 155lbs (failed last one
2 x 160lbs

Box Squat @ 135lbs (50% of 1RM)
3 x 7 with 1 minute rest

Cool Down
1000m row or 5 mins whatever comes first.

SHEESH!  What a Sunday!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nitto Tire and Steve Aoki drift event

Video from the Drift Event hosted by NITTO TIRE for Steve Aoki.  Great project and I still have a ton of photos to edit.  I need to post up...ugh.

But here is the video!  ENJOY!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Saturday 11242012 WOD

After all that good food, time to get to work right?

I work up yesterday not feeling good. I think I caught a bit of a cold.  So I was not 100%.  But I went in guns blazing regardless.

We met at the local high their track and field. 2PM. It was hot...

We got our butt kicks in the gorgeous So Cal weather. Blue skies, sunshine around 75 was a tad warm out there....but we did it. Here is what we did:

Run 400m (around the track)

30 yards
high knees
butt kicks
side shuffles
cross overs

sprint to from short end of field to other end
10 x burpees
Walking lunges halfway back

Jog it in
5 rounds

Run stadium stairs up

take one step down, squat ass to bench all the way back
5 mins AMRAP

30 x elbows to palms plank position

30 x each side raises

50 x full sit up
complete anyway you want just finish the number

back to stadium stairs
hop up stairs
walk it back down
5 min AMRAP

Cool down stretch....


Thanksgiving - My Riff on Turkey Dinner

This year, my family and I decided to NOT make a turkey.  Kinda takes a long time and we are a small group.  This year it was 4 of us. 3 really as 1 was my girlfriend.  So I decided to make one of my all time favorite dishes.


How perfect!  So here it is kids...YUMMY!

Turkey Meatloaf

This was my first time wrapping bacon around it.  Glad I did...woohooo!

Turkey Meatloaf

here it is DONE...and let me tell you it was DELICIOUS!  If I do say so myself...everyone loved it.  So I am happy!

Turkey Meatloaf - done

man oh man...yummy!

Turkey Meatloaf - done

My sister made fresh/real mash potatoes, green beans, stuffing and of course we needed rice and some gravy too!

Now on to some dessert!



Shaker's Famous Carrot Cake - it really is great.  The best carrot cake I have ever had period.

Shakers Carrot Cake

Portos Apple Pie
Portos Apple Pie

Portos Pumpkin Pie
Portos Pumpkin Pie

let me just say it...that is the BEST pumpkin pie I have ever had.  It is SOOO GOOD.  Very pumpkiny and some cinnamon etc.  Just perfect.  My mom loved it as well and we are planning on getting another. I had to call Portos to see when they are going to stop making them.  I will have to freeze one for later in the year.  I swear it is that good.

Now you may is alot of dessert...and it is.  But I was pretty good.  I only ate the pumpkin on Thanksgiving.  I refrained from the apple and carrot cake.  I was doing my best to be good.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday 11162012 and Saturday 11172012 WODs

Posting my Friday and Saturday workouts....

FRIDAY 11162012
Asylum Class
Walk Out to push up w Spiderman lunges

20 sec on/10 sec off x 8
Sit ups and Push ups

60 sec x 2

60 sec
Sit to Stands

3 rounds of the below:
Squat = 2 reps, rest for 10

DB row

8 x each arm

Single Arm Rope Pulls
20 x each


SATURDAY - Casa de' Henry!!!

10 x KB swing (70lbs) x 2

5 x KB swings (70lbs)
10 x goblet squats
200 meter run/ w Jog/Walk back
AMRAP - 10 mins

Push sled 90lbs

Pull sled 90lbs

ball slam

3 rounds of the above


Weight Lifting - technique
Power Clean into a Push Press x 2

165lbs x 2

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Night WOD - 111212

Went to the usual Monday night spot for the is what we did!  Oh yeah HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all the men and women that serve our country!  You are appreciated!

Single Leg Swings *no support, balance work
Walk Out Push ups x 10
10 x lunges each leg + 30 Jumping Jacks = 3 rounds

30 seconds for each then rest one minute for 7 rounds
35lbs plate for all except burpees
- Plate Swings
- Plate Press
- Plate Squat
- Burpees

50 x leg lifts
50 x sit to stands


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nitraflex by GAT

I have been experimenting with a new PRE-WORKOUT drink.

I have been using NO-Xplode for a while.  I have liked it and it has worked well.  I got a referred by a colleague at work on what he uses.  He reccoed this...


I have to say, it works a lot faster than NO Xplode.  Usually it takes about 30-40 min to take effect but this stuff hits within 20 mins.

The main thing for me was this has a testosterone booster.  Wanted to see how it would work.  So far I have used this about 3 times and other than working really fast, it also makes your pee bright yellow.  It kinda looks like I am peeing a highlighter.  But the pump and energy is there for sure.  You feel it and it takes you through your workout pretty well.

I dont feel it is stronger or better than NO xplode, but I do like it is faster so I can drink it closer to a workout and get on it.

Not bad...I think I will switch it up between the 2.  I have some NO xplode left so I will switch it up once in a while.

Muffler and LED tails - BMW E46 330ci

Did a couple of modification/upgrades to the whip.

First thing was LED Tails.  LED tails were stock on 2004 models and I went for an upgrade.


IMG_3549 LED Tails




Next...I installed a new muffler.


JDM HKS Muffler

This is a 1 of 1 muffler from HKS.  This is made and designed specifically for the E46.  The story is this was on the HKS E46 330Ci show/demo car as HKS was trying to break into the german import market.  HKS made suspension and exhaust for BMWs but they never seemed able to break in.  They of course made great stuff and it was R&Ded etc, but it simply never caught on.  So this muffler was a Japan only model as it never passed CARB in the US let alone CA.  I am pretty much the only E46 in the US with this Japan only spec muffler!





Sunday AM Fun! 11112012 WOD

Went to LA Fitness this morning to do some lifting.  I sorta kinda program this workout by myself.  Coach made some tweaks...but I did pick out what I wanted to do etc.  So is what I did:

SLOW 1000m Row - 4:29

Warm Up
135lbs x 10
185lbs x 5

315lbs 1.5 FAIL...grip strength was was slipping out of my hands.  I know I could of did 2, I just could not hold the bar.  I tried again and simply could not do it.  Def need to work on grip strength.


Warm Up - normal grip 135lbs x 10 for 2 sets.

Working Set with Bands (30lbs adjust)

first time using bands...pretty cool.  Had fun with these.
Weight used was 60% of 1RM (250-260lbs) approx 155lbs.
Using bands that have 30lbs resistance, I had 125lbs on the bar to make up for the weight.
10 x 3 = 30 reps total
135lb banded x 10 *extra set - as I felt good and wanted to try it with the bands.


12 reps broken into 3s.
4 sets of 3 pull ups


Treadmill Push
20s @ 100%
40s rest
x 12


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday AM 11102012 WOD - SPHS

Crispy morning air...nice and COOL!  We headed to the South Pasadena HS this morning only to find out the track was closed for a meet.  We had to find another spot so we headed to the front field instead to do A LOT of running..ugh.  Here goes:


Frankenstein walks

Duck Walks

Square Field - run to each corner 4 x sides
jog one way
sprint one way
jog one way
sprint one way
15 x air squat
3 rounds of above

Field Run 4 corners
jog one way
sprint one way
jog one way
spring one way
5 x burpees
3 rounds

Stair jumps *1 step at a time - repeat then each below
20x walking lunge/18x/16x/14x/12x/10x

Field Run 4 corners
sprint 3/4
bear crawl 1/4
3 rounds

Stair jumps *2 steps at a time repeat

7 x push ups
3 rounds

1 min plank hold x 2



Great day as the weather was beyond gorgeous!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday 11052012 WOD

Another Monday night in Old Town Pasadena...Asylum LA gym!


3 x burpee
6 x air squat
9 x mountain climbers *18 each leg
3 sets of the above

Stations work
1. 10 x pull ups & 20 x thrusters w 25lb kettlebell
2. 20 x kettle bell swings & 10 x single arm overhead press * each arm
3. 20 x overhead weighted lunges & 20 x jack knife sit ups
4. 15 x sit and stands & 15 hand release push ups

5 rounds of the above

Stretch DONE!!!

Great start the week.  Now time to rest!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

WEEKEND WODs 11032012 & 11042012

Here are the weekend workouts....a little late in posting.

SATURDAY 11/3 Boot Camp at the park

Suicide Runs
Sprint 1 way --> 10 air squats
Sprint back --> 5 burpees
3 rounds of the above

1 legged squats (3 steps)

60 sec push up plank (elevated)
box jumps

5 x above in various combinations

SUNDAY 11/4 Lifting Technique
1000m row 80%-90%  - 4:06

Air Squats x 10
ab mat sit ups x 15
empty bar x 10
95lbs x 10

Back Squats - working set  8x2
135lbs w 45sec rest in between each set

Back Squats - 4 x 2 @ 60%/ 70%/ 80%/ 85%

230lbs *not complete, not to depth...bad squat!

Snatch 1 x 6 *from hang
bar warm ups

140lbs *NEW PR
145lbs FAILED....  =(

END - Cool Down

500M row @ 100% x 2
- 1:51
- 1.56


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday 10312012 Happy Halloween WOD!

I was able to get off work today because of the Annual West Hollywood Halloween celebration!  It was great to be able to get out of work around 3PM and make the 5PM class at the Rosebowl.

This was my first..and apparently because of the time change will be the last.  It will simply get too dark to workout outside.  Yay and Boo at the same time.

Here is what we did:

RUN around the baseball field

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Side Shuffles


20 x Push Ups
20 x jump ups
8-12 x Rock Cleans (floor to chest)

3 rounds

Pull up practice

DONE!  Have a wonderful and candy filled Halloween!