Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hong Kong - Day 1

Now that I am back home I can FINALLY load up some of the Hong Kong pics. Here is what I did and saw day one! View from my 24th floor room at the BP International Hotel on 8 Austin Road in Jordan north of TST. IMG_1243 IMG_1244 The corner of Nathan Road and Austin Road, IMG_1245 My friend Doris from the gym was in town on her won adventure so we met up for a late lunch and caught up! Doris was in town for almost the same time I was there so we would definitely hang out again! IMG_1247 here is the food...noodles and wings! IMG_1248 we walked over to the "famous" waffle egg things.... IMG_1250 IMG_1252 this was a chill first day...tired from traveling etc. More on day 2~

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