Monday, December 12, 2011

The Belt Dont Lie

So I felt I had to share this morning's amazing discovery. Everyone that knows me, knows the last year has been a tremendous "FITNESS" year. Goals reached and some surpassed. I have never felt better, performed better and dare I say it looked better in my life. I have told several friends...I would kick my 21 year old self's ass. I am seriously in my best shape ever. Weird to say that...even weirder to feel it...and see it. Anways...I wanted to share this pic...
This is my brown belt. I hardly ever wear it as I usually rock a swap meet, cholo style metal slider buckle. But on the occasion I am wearing a brown outfit, I will switch up my belt. I have had this belt for a few years. As you can see by the markings, I am not lying this is 100% TRUE. This is a size 40 waist Banana Republic leather belt. The picture shows the markings....I USED to wear is on the 3rd hole. The most used one...about 2 months ago, I was able to move it to the 4th hole! BIG DEAL! I was so proud and would tell anyone that would listen...hey I moved one belt loop! Fast forward to this morning... Yes friends...I AM ON THE LAST HOLE. The last hole on a 5 hole, 40 waist size belt. I knew I lost some weight before when I was able to squeeze into a sz 38. Even on vacation, I jumped on a scale when I was in Hong Kong. At my heaviest, I was around 245-250. 255 at the ultimate heaviest. But to be fair, I would say 250 was my fighting weight. I weighed 233 in Hong Kong last week. I dropped about 20 lbs. This along with my new belt hole...I am feeling great. THANK YOU to all the peeps that helped me. I am going to keep this train moving...more to come folks! YAY!

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fuLOGGin' said...

Whoohoo!! Congrats Irving! Keep going, I'm gonna ride your curtails on having a happy healthy life! Cheers to you!