Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 - A Great Year

This will be my last post of 2011.  I am writing this on 12/30 but I am planning on writing over this weekend and publishing this on or before the new year.  I have a lot to say and was not sure how long it would take and if I could get my thoughts together all in one shot, so I figured why push it...let's just take some time and get it right.

I have to say 2011 was an amazing year for me.  I have done lots, accomplished lots and so very happy about everything.  I am only more excited about 2012 and keeping the momentum going from this year and just keep moving forward.

I will jump into the first thing that made this year incredible.  July 4th, 2011.  WORLD SERIES OF POKER.

You can go to the above blog post and see how great it was.  This event started it all.  From this one thing, I snowballed into other things.

This is the second major goal and accomplishment I did in 2011.  FIGHT GONE BAD. This was major...I am still thinking about it.  It was such an experience.

Then the final piece to end the year was my awesome trip to Asia.  I visited Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam and then Bangkok, Thailand and finally to Hong Kong.  I posted a bunch of things and here is the first goes on throughout my trip:

All along the way I did little things here and there all small but important and gratifying steps.  Steps to the larger goal.  I am going to tackle 2012 the same way.  Keep the momentum going.  Life is all about experience. I want to experience everything I can.  I am going to take small steps.  I want to travel more, I want to do more physically, I want to excel at my job and move up, and lastly...I want to work on the LOVE department.  Yes folks...towards the end of the year, I met a special someone.  I wont get into too many details as I would like to keep that stuff private.  But I have to say I am very happy and I want to keep this happiness going for as long as possible.  Life has been good this past year...I know I can make it even better this year.

Lastly, thanks to all my good friends and casual readers of my blog. All 8 of you. hahaha.....I will try to keep this going and keep things interesting and share things as they happen.  2012 is going to be awesome.  I will make it happen!

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