Saturday, December 24, 2011

12/23/2011 WOD

Happy Friday!  I love having a nice 4 day weekend! I was able to sleep in and run a bunch of errands and get to the gym to take the 530 xfit class.  Here is what we did:

Warm Up
Class usually run/walk etc. Today I opted to jumprope.  Before class I rowed.
1000K row - 4:19

Spiderman lunges back and forth

5 x air squats/push ups/sit ups - AMRAP 5 minutes


1 min box jumps (I used 6 risers on each side)
30 sec squat thrusters (30#s each)
1 min plank off the risers
AMRAP for 10 mins

Weighted walking lunges (used 1 30lb weight) w 1 burpee at each end and adding a burpee all the way to 10.  For example - 1 burpee, then walk lunge with weight to other side of room, 2 burpees, walk lunge with weight to other side, 3 burpees walk lunge with weight etc etc all the way to 10 burpees.

I only completed 9 burpees

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