Saturday, December 17, 2011

12/17/2011 - WOD

Saturday morning workout.


10 x handwalk out push ups
20 x air squats
10 x handwalk out push ups

300 single jump rope
40 x ground to overhead
20 x burpees

300 s/u jumprope
20 x g2o
10 x burpees

300 s/u jump rope

I did not complete the last 300 jumpropes...booo.  I started using 40lb dumbbells and it was way too heavy.  I dropped down to 25s and was able to complete the set unbroken.

40lb Back Rows 10 x each arm
hands overhead walking lunges back and forth
3 x rounds


Practiced my hang power snatch and over head squats got to a
PR of 95lb Snatch Balance got to a
PR of 95lb Hang Power Snatch this is all from using just the good jumps.

Very good day!!!

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