Friday, November 25, 2011

WOD - 11/26 Bangkok, Thailand

This morning I finally got enough energy to get my fat ass out to workout. Please bare in mind the weather here in Thailand. It AINT conducive to working out. It is hot and muggy and pretty gross outside. I woke up, went down stairs for my free breakfast of rice, chicken, scrambled eggs, small sausages and juice. I came back up to rest a little and digest before TRYING TO workout. thanks to Coach B that posted a WOD for me to do using what is avaialble...I had a plan of attack. Here is my WOD. Walk/Fast Walk on high incline treadmill - 2 min 30 air squats go 4 times increasing pace each time here is what I did... 1. 7 incline @ 3.5 mph 2. 7 incline @ 4.0 mph 3. 8 incline @ 4.5 mph 4. 8 incline @ 5.0 mph *5. 8 incline @ 5.5 mph (bonus one) and squats were as prescibed. After this I was huffing and puffing and decided to cool down with some jump rope. I did about 100-125 single unders to finish off. BUT!!! THAT IS NOT THE BEST PART!!!! WAIT FOR IT...WAIT FOR IT!!!!!! I GOT MORE DOUBLE UNDERS COMPLETED!!!! To those that dont know or dont care you can stop reading here...but for the rest of my friends that know how hard and important getting these are to me...know what an accomplishment this was!!! My single unders have vastly improved in the last month, I can go for about 50 pretty easy unbroken and in a good rhythm, so I have been messing around and practicing getting ONE...and then maybe TWO...etc. TODAY on the rooftop of the Best Western Mayfair Suites in Bangkok, Thailand I actually hit a few and strung them in a meaningful matter. I was able to do this.. start with I was able to complete the above sequence for a few times. I still get tripped up but my wrists are getting used to the action of flicking the rope 2xs under me. I am sooo super psyched...this is like super awesome. A few more practice sessions and soon I can string these bitches together!!! Very Very happy today, great cardio, great sweat... felt so good. Now its time to go out and play in Bangkok!!!

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