Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 8 - Food and Shopping

Today I was supposed to meet a friend but we missed each other. So I waited for him and when he did not show, I was in the middle of shopping central. SIAM where all the shopping is... IMG_1084 IMG_1102 had lunch here... IMG_1090 random shots IMG_1099 IMG_1104 Help the flood victims in Thailand IMG_1113 I did not part..with my 300 baht donation I got this cool shirt...sadly it is an XL and and Asian XL pretty much I cannot wear it at all...oh well it was for a good cause. IMG_1117 For dinner I went to CHABUTON...a "famous" ramen house... IMG_1119 IMG_1120 The Gyoza's were great, they tasted very fresh and def home made... IMG_1124 Tonkontsu Char Siu Ramen and some Ice Green Tea... IMG_1127 The ramen was good, definitely LIGHTER than I was used to ie Santouka and Daikokya so but was OK. The char siu was did not melt in your mouth like others But yes it was a decent bowl of noodels.

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