Sunday, October 9, 2011

WOD 10/9/2011 "Liliana"

Today was pretty is what we did.  My friends have comically called this workout the LILIANA.  Let's just say they think they are funny...they are not. is what it is and what I did.

2K Row for time

Rest of 20 mins

Complete all below for time:
10x body weight squats, meaning your body weight on a bar, not to be confused with air squats.
30x burpees
50x sit ups
150x double unders or if you are like me and can barely jump rope, have to do triple single unders so 450 singles
800mm run

Here is what I did!

2K Row - 8:44

Rest of workout - 42:40
My squat was 245lbs x 10
Burpees and sit ups as prescribed
Jump Rope singles - I jumped half, about 225 and then "ghost jumped" the rest, basically the jumping without the rope.

For the run we ran a little over a mile.  We did not have a precise .5 mile marker so we went around a large city block. I had to walk most of it admittedly. I was beat and my shins and calves were in pain. I am simply not much of a runner, never have been.  So the jump rope and run really ruined me.  The rest of my friends all were under 30 mins under 25 mins I think.  Good for them...I am just happy I finished!

Not bad for my first try of the "Liliana" WOD!

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J said...

you finished! the important part. :) this sounds absolutely terrible.