Saturday, October 22, 2011

WOD 10/22/2011

This morning was hilarious.  I arrived at the gym a little early...around 8:20AM class starts at 8:30 so I figured I had time to mess around and chat.  I get there and I see about 20 people standing outside.  Doors LOCKED...apparently the person who was supposed to open over slept and there was just one key.  Soooo...we stand around until literally 9AM.  Please note the gym is supposed to open at 6AM.  So yeah 3 hours...and a few people just went home.  I dont know the deal but someone is in trouble....

Anyways..we get in and get started....

this was the first WOD.

We did the usual warm up of running, walking, lunges, side steps, jumps, inch worm, long lunges etc. We jumped into this.  Now I only got to 10 burpees.  I was unable to finish in the correct amount of time.  Oh wells...and the 15 double unders...I had to 50 single unders to make up for the doubles.

After we did that...we had to do this:

Again because of time I only did 3x. My last set I only wall walked for 2.  Everything else was as Rxed.

I am actually not done...since Coach B is subbing Kick Boxing this afternoon, I will be going in at 4PM for his class.

So  yeah double dipping for sure....

More to come...I am expecting a good workout tomorrow as well.

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