Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pushing Past

Last night was one of those pivotal times in my training...this year has been filled with a few of these moments where I have blogged about a break through a new lift, a new weight etc.  When I look is truly amazing what I have learned about fitness and myself and what it means to be "healthy."  It is a constant learning curve and the only way to know is to push push push.  You cannot have to keep going.  This drive helps in my career, personally and everything else in my life.

Anyways...if you all remember I had the biggest rush of pride and victory from doing FIGHT GONE BAD 6 and upping my personal best from 178 to 217.  It was awesome.  Last night ranked up there in accomplishments.

I have to admit I was a little more "motivated" than usual. I had to get out of the gym earlier than usual as I had a "dinner date."  Funny thing is...right after I completed the WOD, she called and cancelled! HA!  I had to tell my friend thanks for cancelling AFTER my workout...if she cancelled earlier I probably would of been less motivated to attempt this.  Funny what girls will make a man do....when trying to impress.  Either way I will take it...having a sense of urgency that I had to be at dinner later that night really helped me plow through this and focus....see what the heck I did below:

WOD 10/11/2011

All dumbell work with 45lbs in each hand (as Rx was supposed to be 1/4 body weight which meant 60lb dumbells and I could NOT lift that much...way too heavy)

25 x Hang Squat Clean
20 x Burpees
25 x Front Squats
20 x Burpees
25 x Push Press
20 x Burpees
25 x Squat Clean Thrusters (dumbells must touch the floor for each rep)

I had 35 mins to complete the above.  Coach gave me that time because he figured he could do it in around 15-17 mins so he doubled it for me.  So we set the timer to 35 minutes and I was off and running.

This was the hardest workout I have ever done period.  Very close to or even as bad as FGB.  FGB you have such a strict time it makes you go crazy pushing yourself.  This WOD I had more time but the moves were so much harder.  IT WAS HELL. 

But I completed....and how long did it take me?

UNDER 30 mins!  29:24 BABY!!!!

I need to thank Coach B and Scotty for just talking trash and giving me crap the whole time.  Coach has really been so instrumental to my mental and physical success that I cannot thank him enough.  He has instilled this confidence in me that I guess I have to just keep working harder to make it worth it for him to keep believing in me.  Coach has pushed and pushed and still pushed me to finish these STUPID workouts...and yeah it is amazing. 

Nothing in this world is 100% need good people around you.  I am very lucky that the gym, PS&C and all my gym buddies are there with me.  If any of you are reading this blog you know who you are.  Scott, May, Abby, Karen, Eddie, Jared everyone in the classes I take.  My improvements are REAL.  To others that just see me, may see no difference...I am still the same chubby funny friendly guy.  But I am not the same person I was 3 months ago.  I am not the same person I was since last night.  This year has been incredible...I hope I can post more of these blog posts before the end of the year.  I have some goals for 2012...and already know I am going for it.  Career, Health, Family...and maybe even LOVE....are all within my grasp...who knows?  It is not what I can't is 100%...WHAT ELSE CAN I DO THIS YEAR?

I ask again...what are YOU going to do?

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sandy said...

What an awesome achievement Irving! I will ride on your coat tails to make it big for myself too! Keep going strong!!

All in all, even though the silly girl canceled on you, you did it and now you know you can do it..even if just for yourself! To have a happy, healthy and energetic life isn't that bad right?

Be well my good friend! I will see you in a couple of weeks!

lots of hugs and support...sandy