Saturday, October 15, 2011

Elite Aviation Party - 10/13/2011

On Thursday night I had to work one of  my client's party held at her Van Nuys airport hanger.  Elite Aviation is the premiere private jet charter service! Yes I mean it! hahaha...all jokes aside it was a cool evening and best of cars cars.  See below....

2011-10-13_15-37-50_338 2011-10-13_15-38-35_479 2011-10-13_16-32-53_319 2011-10-13_16-33-10_703 2011-10-13_16-34-07_166 2011-10-13_16-53-46_635

and my favorite car there...only $420K

2011-10-13_15-39-42_819 2011-10-13_16-34-56_909 2011-10-13_16-49-03_436

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