Saturday, October 29, 2011

BREAKTHROUGH!!!! today is ONE OF THOSE DAYS....seriously.  I had a fitness breakthrough that I am VERY VERY PROUD OF.

First let's get the normal WOD out of the way.

Get to class at my usual 8:20AM time to begin our 8:30AM class.

So we warm up the usual:
Run/Walk/Lunges around the room.  Then we had to do:

25 Burpees
50 Push ups
50 Sit ups
50 Air Squats
I cheated the sit ups..I mean duh...I only did 15. Time ran out anyways....sigh.

Now to the WOD....

Please excuse the little drawing on the bottom right...the instructor thinks he is a comedian.

Boxjumps x 10
KB Swings x 15
Push Press x 10
Burpees x 15
AMRAP - 15 minutes

I used a 35 plate for my swings and 45lb dumbells for my presses

I got 3 rounds...well more like 2.75 I almost finished the 3 round.

The for a cool down we did 1 min planks and 3x Wall Walks, for 2 rounds.

While doing my wall walks I felt kind of "strong" so I tried it....IT mean HANDSTAND PUSH UPS!!!!

Yes folks...I was able to rock out like 3 in class.  My buddy Gerald wanted to see it again, so I did another 3 for him.  I had to run out and tell Coach B so I literally skipped over to him outside and told him that I am no able to do handstand push ups.

Of form is not perfect...but coach is going to help me...the point is I CAN DO IT.  I WAS UNABLE TO EVEN DO ONE WALL WALK about 6 months ago.  Once I was able to do the WW, I was able to hold myself up for 1 min....I never tried it again.  Until today....

We went upstairs with Coach and my friend May to try again.  My boy Eddie took my phone to capture the footage:

Again, not the prettiest...but hey I DID IT!  No...I CAN DO IT!

So Coach has promised to help my body position and other factors to get a better press but I am beyond happy.  This is a big me at least.  I hope my friends that read this lowly blog will be happy for me as well.  WOOHOOOOO!!!!!

Oh yeah after all that, I went over to the bench and pressed 275x3 cold.....what? what?  =)

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Amy said...

Congrats on the amazing accomplishment!! Keep up the great work!