Monday, September 26, 2011

WOD - 9/26/2011

Thank you to Obama and his visit to Los Angeles!  They closed the office at 3PM because he basically killed West Hollywood.  I was then able to attend Coach Brandon's class at 5:15PM.  It was a treat for sure.  Here is the white board for the WOD.

Run/Walk/Lunges/High Knees, Heels to Butt/Side Lunges

Lunge Hold (30lbs dumbbells)
Press Hold
V-Sit Hold (Impossible - I basically cheated this whole thing)
3 rounds
*obviously, the press hold was the best for me. Just for FYI, I did have the heaviest dumbbells in that has to count for something right?

Plate Pushes (35lbs)
Suicide Runs
*Plate pushes were the hardest for me. I could not get a good grip to push that damn plate. I skipped the last couple and just jumped and ran.

2 min push ups AMRAP - I did 54 (well more like 52.5...I kind of cheated the last 2)

Stretching/Cool down

Good work out...definitely good work out!!!

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