Saturday, September 24, 2011

WOD - 9/24/2011

Good day in class is the WOD.  4 rounds...would of done 5 but we ran out of time.

Jog/walk/lunges around room
hands over head lunges back and forth
high knees b+f
rock climbers b+f
hand walks b+f

5x burpees = 4 rounds

WOD (see picture) below were my modifications/completed
1 - as Rx with 30lb each weights on lunges
2 - 5 burpees, 10 kb swings, 45 sec plank
3 - no weight on split lunges as Rx, 30sec plank
4 - no weight on split lunges, 5 x burpees, 15 kb swing, 30 sec plank

Another good day....

Then it was off to Whole Foods for some juice.  The usual...16oz of apple, carrot, spinach, kale, chard, lime and some individually wrapped somewhat natural good for you carrot cake, we split it between 3 of us.

Oh yeah Pam...bought a 32oz to share and she/it spilled all over us and the floor. I should of taken a pic of it for the blog!  We were saying dang PAM!  Cannot take you anywhere! hahahaha....but yes nothing like hanging with good friends and chatting up after a good work out.  Thank you Pam and Jessica for hanging out!  =)

now time to do a little work and get ready for Steph's wedding.  I will be taking some look out for that blog post above! WOOT!

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