Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tire Flipping Fun - WOD 9/18/2011

Sunday afternoon fun!  Here is what we did:

Walk/Jog 100mm
10 x push up burpees
10 KB swings
*being burned out from yesterday I took it real easy and warmed up slow and easy.


Front Squat
Practice - empty bar and PVC Pipe stretching.

Four Rounds of:
Front squats x 4
95#/135# (3)

GHD sit ups

20sec sprint row

Then we had some fun doing this!


Yes did some tire flipping. The tire brand new weights over 400lbs, worn it can get as low as 350lbs.  So we can guesstimate and split the difference.

First set was to flip the tire 5xs across the yard
Second set was to flip the tire 5xs but jump in then jump out, jump back in and jump back out and then flip it and continue.  I flipped again but did not jump as my feet were hurting from FGB.
Third set was 5 flips and 5 jumps on the edge of the I so expertly demonstrate in the pic below. LOL!

Yeah...look at that form! hahahaa.... IMG_0053

I finally get to rest now...go back in on Tuesday to get back to my normal training.  Have to lift some more, I think I am getting weaker on my bench.  I better make sure I dont lose any strength.  Have a great rest of your weekend readers!  MONDAY is coming up real quick!

*ps - for all you ladies out there.  My gal a BEAST.  She flipped the tire 100% by herself by the 2nd set.  She is flipping pretty much double her weight...INSPIRED BABY!  GREAT JOB MAY!

IMG_0035 and her hops... IMG_0010

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