Saturday, September 17, 2011

FGB6 - Accomplished

Today was it. I actually did it. It was an amazing experience, both physically, mentally and emotionally. It was crazy. I have never did any sort of physical competition ever. Lots of kids have done little league or karate tournaments or soccer or played organized sports in high school. Basically most people in one time in their lives did some sort of physical competition...I have never. NEVER. I have had friends do their first marathons or mud runs etc. This was my "event." I focused...and trained for it. So this was a big deal for me.  It was simply awesome. IMG_9848

I was so nervous....the event was held at the Sony Studios lot on Stage 14. The energy in the room was electric. Opening remarks.... IMG_9835

  Crowds... IMG_9851 IMG_9852

Whiteboards....this is where you find out what heat you are in and where to report. IMG_9844

Look there's me! IMG_9845 Front shot... IMG_9849 IMG_9853 IMG_9888

So how did I do? If you read this blog about 3 weeks ago I did a baseline of Fight Gone Bad. I got 178. My goal was to get at least 200. Check it out... IMG_9913

YES! in 3 weeks, I raised my score about 25% which according to my coach was a huge deal. It was a success. I was a is so great to type that. I did it...and I did it BIG. Here is my lane...1A IMG_9920

My thank yous...I owe this day to 2 people. Two very important people that made this possible. Jen, my colleague and the person that talked to me about this, got me to enter, able to get me inside the event and helped me believe in myself that I could do this. Jen was able to talk to her gym CROSSFIT LA and get us "adopted" so we could do it. THANK YOU JEN! IMG_9923

Brandon, coach/trainer and friend. Brandon took this project on...helping me achieve this goal. He did not have to do this...he could of said good luck buddy that be end of it. I definitely could not do this without his help. Training me, programming my workouts, working on my deficiencies and exploiting my strengths so I could get my score. I owe this day to you...THANK YOU BRANDON!

  IMG_9924 it last shot. I had to get the cheesy touristy.
  IMG_9926 I

I will never forget today....another personal bucket list item done.

I also made a deposit on my end of year vacation...I will blog about that once I have it done...but when I do. It will be my THIRD item I achieved this year. 2011 is the year of GETTING THINGS DONE. So far so I have to ask...what are YOU doing?  Whatever you want...go out and get it done. Like my favorite brand...JUST DO IT and DO IT BIG!!!

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