Friday, September 16, 2011

Custom Protein Mixes

In my quest for better and better stuff to put in this temple of a body of mine, my friend/coach/trainer Brandon turned me on to a company that makes CUSTOM PROTEIN MIXES.  You can go on their site and custom make whatever you want.

The rub is of course KNOWLEDGE.  What the heck do you get?  Do you THINK you know?  You probably don't fact I am sure you have no idea what you need.

Custom Mix Protein

So I wanted/needed two different mixes.  I wanted a Meal Replacement mix that I can drink in the AM or when I am hungry and dont want to really eat anything.  Next I wanted a Post Workout mix, for right after a workout.  Of course each mix is for different purposes and each mix is made for a specific person.  So what I have here may or may not be good for you.  This mix was made for me.  I only picked up 1 lb of each to try out. This is my POST WORKOUT MIX Post Workout Custom Protein

This is my MEAL REPLACEMENT Meal Replacement Custom Protein

Hopefully this will be good and I can order bigger and bigger quantities. But first I have to use up the crappy Trader Joes Whey protein I have as well as finish up my Syntha-6 which I actually like.

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