Friday, September 9, 2011

Casa Vega

Ahhh...Fridays....LOVE THEM right? Well a couple colleagues decided we had a hard week and we deserve some time to kickback and enjoy some good food right? We picked CASA VEGA in Sherman Oaks. Now I have never been here but I am a fan of Bravo's FLIPPIN OUT soooo....I do know this restaurant. I wanted to come here and eat and look at that front room that Jeff Lewis re-did. Pretty exciting! IMG_9577 here is the front waiting area made famous on Flippin Out! IMG_9578 IMG_9579 Inside... IMG_9580 IMG_9581 Here is the first app...chips and cheese...pretty good. IMG_9582 oh yeah it was SUPER DARK in the restaurant. Like very very dark... IMG_9583 here is my burrito...the carne asada made "oven style." IMG_9587 IMG_9588 all in all I have to admit it is above average. Good enough food but it was not floor stopping but it was

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