Saturday, August 27, 2011

WOD - 8/27/2011

Typical GORGEOUS Saturday in So Cal. Woke up..had my 16oz of NO Xplode for some energy and headed to class. Here is what we did:


Walk/Run around room
Lunges b+f 2xs
side lunges b+f
10x burpees


20x Burpees
30x Ground to Overhead singles (40lb dumbbell)
40x Box jump (I step up)

3 rounds of the above prescribed
I only completed 2.25 Last round I only did 10x burpees and the full G2O and no step ups.

Single Leg squat with a pause at bottom 10x each
25lb plate kettle bell swing x 20
1 min elevated plank

3 rounds of above
I cheated on a couple planks and could not hold and I cheated on last set of swings only doing 10.


Good work out the whole room was feeling it and it was great. People were all commenting how great it was. It was awesome.

Per usual, we moseyed over to Whole Folds for 16oz mud juice (carrot, apple, spinach, kale, chard and lime) and now a Think Thin protein bar. Looking forward to some good lunch!

Tomorrow's WOD should be interesting. I am going to ATTEMPT...FGB. The key word is ATTEMPT. I may have some video to go along with my pathetic look out for that. If I have the courage to video myself doing it. ugh...

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