Saturday, August 27, 2011

OTAFUKU...the truth!

As some of you may have seen below in a previous post, I picked up an issue of LUCKY PEACH.  David Chang's new food quarterly magazine.  I grabbed issue 1, which sold out of its first 2 runs....and then subscribed for issues 2-5.  I just started reading it and  the first article, if you want to call it about Peter Meehan, David's co-writer and David going to Japan for a ramen run. all the bad ass ramen as they can.  so I am reading all about the traditions and how we have NO CLUE what ramen is...and how high it is in Japanese culture. Masters or the stuff...that do that and only that for their whole life. It is a way of life...literally.  He writes about the style where the noodles and soup or sauce are totally separated...kind of like a soup noodle deconstructed....

I went here for lunch Torrance, CA.



Definitely one of the more authentic Japanese noodle places I have ever seen...and been. EVER.



The place is open for lunch then closed until dinner most noodle places in Japan and fancy places in the US.

Of course I had the house special soba...all fresh and made in house on the premises....



my friend ordered the raw egg...completely forgetting we were eating COLD SOBA...not HOT. You cannot pur your egg in the hot broth to poach it. FAIL. LOL.


Look at those perfect noodles. WOW. This was the regular size...their is a large size too. I need to get the large size next time.

I ordered the house special soba with the mini bowl combo...


the mini tempura bowl was good...


another shot of the noodles...


so the correct way to eat this is to take some noodles and dunk it in the soy sauce dressing and eat it that way. Then they bring you a container of the noodle water. The starchy, milky, noodle water you can add to your left over sauce. I KNOW this from reading LUCKY PEACH! So amazing!

The noodle water...


pouring it into my dipping sauce to make a soup!


so yummy...David Chang said it best. Deconstructing a noodle its purest form.


noodle remains...


so here is the best to be "elitist" without it? Or do it by not doing anything. Check out the FRONT of the restaurant...


literally NOTHING outside. ZERO SIGNAGE.


you would literally miss this place...always...they seem to NOT want to be found!


Nothing...except for this...

IMG_9486 about secret and hole in the wall....amazing. They dont care if you come or not. They are happy with the people that know of it..and dont care! How elitist right? LOL.

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