Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hipster Dogs

Today my friend and I were driving to grab some lunch and we stopped at a corner and waited as these 2 guys crossed the street. I am assuming they were friends or "partners" as one was walkng in front and the one behind was filming or taking pics with his iPhone. They were both walking these little dogs along side them.

My buddy made a snarky comment like...more douches with their hipster dogs. It HIT are DANG RIGHT! Let's see...any self respecting hipster has these items:

Apple earbuds permanently dangling around the neck
Straw fedora hat
skinny jeans, sometime with the right leg rolled up...why? because...
a Fixie bike
throw in a handlebar mustache or some facial hair and some tattoos and you got yourself a dbag hipster.

but what is the new trend? Or maybe a trend that has been bubbling for some time....the hipster dog! yes!

Maybe you have seen one of these at your local organic coffee place?

maybe one of these?

or one of these?

or if you are extra get one of these...

you can walk your dog...ride your bike and wear these....

ugh...shoot me please.

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