Sunday, July 31, 2011

WOD - 7/31 and Video

Had a GREAT workout this morning! Here is what I did....


If you saw my previous post I picked up an Again Faster Jumprope. The speed rope...seriously the best $10 I ever spent. It cost $10 and I had it CUSTOM FITTED! Plus a Free AG shirt. So let's recap...$10 bad ass jumprope, a t shirt and custom sizing. I jumped with it...200 jumps and it was bad ass and I felt it. Who knew a friggin jumprope can make such a difference? Huge difference. I love my jumprope.

250 Meter Row
This was inspired by something I saw at the Crossfit Games. It was at the Reebok tent where they had a row test. The best times would get a prize etc. The best time we saw was 35.5 seconds! So I had to try it and my and my friends expectations was trying to get it under 1 min. My friend Brandon expected a 57 sec pull. I did it...

47 seconds!!!!!

So next up...was Farmer's Walks. At the Crossfit games the men's individual had one event I wanted to try. They were holding 125lbs water jugs for 1 min for distance. Soooo...i did the same.

120lb dumbbells for 1 min. I walked 150ft. So yes it was 5 lbs lighter and NOT filled with water. But I walked 120lb dumbells for 150ft. NOT BAD.

225lb x 13
275lb x 3

in case you do not believe is a video! LOL! ENJOY!

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