Saturday, July 16, 2011

WOD - 7/16

I am not a TIME guy...I am just happy to complete the workout.

with that said...

150 jump ropes
30 burpees
30 g20 (30lbs dumbbells)
30 35lb kettle bell swings
30 step ups

2nd round...we did everything above but only 20. I only completed...

80 jump rops
20 burpees
20 g20

I ran out of time to do the KB swings and BJs. Oh well...I did not want to hold back the class. Bear in mind I had 30s...which was the heaviest in class. Even our "top" guys used 25s or less. So I feel good. Plus I did the last 20 G2O I am happy about that.

time to ruin my workout with a good lunch! HA!

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