Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th WSOP weekend - Part 2


Time for some BBQ and hanging out! Krantz was gracious enough to invite me to the BBQ thrown by the cast from the show I worked on at G4. 2 MONTHS 2 MILLION. I went to the summer home of Brian - Flawless Victory, Dani - Ansky and Emil - White Lime. Talk about the coolest time ever...being in that house and hanging with some of the best poker players was great....and cool people period.

Brian and Dani discuss procedures for frying chicken....

Dani makes a mean fried chicken...



and the aftermath...


Krantz approves..


It was also a great honor to meet Andrew - Lucky Chewie! What was funny the night before I was watching his episode of PAD where he was discussing a hand vs Annet funny and here he was in front of me.


Emil - White Lime fresh from the pool..

Kicking by the pool...


I also met the new WPT host and pro, Tony Dunst but no pic of him. He is super cool and I plan on staying in touch with everyone I met.

Here is another shot of the guys chilling...Krantz and White Lime

I was also very very honored to meet....


YES! Vanessa Selbst! She was soo cool. In the pic on from left to right is Miranda, Brian, Vanessa and me! It was again pretty excitement. I dont need to meet a movie star, I would much rather meet a poker champ! hahahaa....what a GREAT 4th....OMG. Serious...I felt so star stuck and just in awe all weekend being surrounded by all the poker stuff from the world's most prestigious event. Loved it.

Thank you to all my friends that I met and hung with this is one of my best times in my life. I hope to do it again next year.

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