Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th WSOP weekend - Part 1

WOW...what can I say? What a weekend. I am going to split the post into 2 parts. First part is what you reading now. My experience playing in my first official WSOP event. I played in Event #54 which was a $1000 buy in tournament.




my table assignment - table 68 seat 3



This is Patrick my dealer for the game...


starting chip stack of 3000, 1 hour levels starting with 25/25


So how did I do? Not too well. I was able to made it into the 1st break which was about 3 hours in. I was waaaay too passive and did not raise enough and just got chipped away. The table and players were very tough and it was a definite gut check for me. I never had any grand dreams of being a pro or ever winning anything. But I thought I had some solid fundamentals..and I still do. But applying it and actually doing it...and doing it at the right times and having such small stacks in compared to the tournament at large makes a hard game even harder. In these tournaments, the general consensus is you need luck. PERIOD. It is a lottery draw pretty much. You need need to chip up quickly to make it. So I had a rough go at it. was all worth it...I learned more about my game and strategy and technique than reading any book or talking to anyone. I was there in the thick of it. It was amazing being at the RIO during the WSOP. I am going to try and do it again next year. I will be MUCH better equipped. I may make 4th weekend a regular thing for me to hit Vegas...and do it all again.

here are some other stuff from the Rio


Being inside the pavilion is sounds like crickets in there with all the chip sounds. I have never heard that sound like that before it was very cool.

Here is a stalker shot of Krantz (Deuces Cracked and The Micros). I was able to meet up with him and chat a little before my game. He ended up playing in it too. He did much better than I did. I told me, which further proves the point of luck, he went all in 2xs with AQ and AJ vs AK both times and he WON BOTH. So...doubling up twice like that so early is HUGE. Good for him.




Next day which was Sunday, I went wandering around and met with my friend Irma who played in the ladies tournament on Friday. She was going to play a deepstack mega in the afternoon so we met up and went to check out the ladies FINAL table. Pretty cool.

Anyone that has watched the ESPN coverage of the WSOP will recognize this...


Here I was inside the AMAZON room...where all the final tables are played..WOW.

and this is like the "Mother Ship" where the final final is played...very cool.

The Ladies final table was being played and so was the 50K championship which brought out the I went to papparazi stalker mode with my little camera...which I had a telephoto lens with me...but I did the best I could.

Karina Jett smiled at me as she sat at her final ladies table...


ladies final table..

Then I had the AWESOME and I mean AWESOME chance to meet and have my pic taken with.....


EPIC...DER meets DURRR!!! WOW WOW WOW! So star struck...I swear. Others will go crazy to meet Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts or whoever...naw man, meeting Tom Dwan was AWESOME!

here are some other poker stars I was able to get...

John Juanda


another shot of Durrrr

Erik Seidel

Jen Harman getting a massage..

WPT Host Mike Sexton

Jason Mercier

back of Gus Hanson

Back of Phil Hellmuth

Chau Giang

I ended the night playing in a $80 40 person tournament and I actually made the final table. YES, MY FIRST FINAL TABLE! I got knocked out in 8th place so no money but it was cool!

Ok so the 4th is a whole other that one too please!

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