Sunday, July 31, 2011

Closing Thoughts - 2011 Crossfit Games

Now that I have had some time to think about the games I figured I should post up. This was my first time going as a FAN. Please remember I am not a "real" crossfitter. I do not belong to a BOX the term they call a Crosfit gym. I simply take a few "crossfit type" classes. I watch videos and try my best to follow the WODs and listen to my trainer buddies at my gym.

So after saying all that, I love it. I love the TRIBE...the feeling of belonging to this strange wacky world of fitness fanatics. It inspires me..and we all need inspiration. Watching these bad ass athletics really made me want to do better.

2011 Crossfit Games is basically a "comic con for fitness" with costumes and personalities walking around. It was really a spectacle. People were dressed in "costume" walking around repping their boxes/gyms. I personally had my "outfit" all picked out. I wore my cool "girls" t shirt and my bad ass bright orange INO-8s. Anywhere else I would look like I was trying too hard and kinda of dorky. But here...I was more NORMAL than others. Everyone who saw my shirt knew exactly what it meant. No need to explain. Everyone there spoke the same language. That was the cool. So I know exactly how the super nerd spent all year making his Iron Man costume can rock it proudly in public once a year. Same thing pretty much.

Plus the girls...same as comic con..they have license to walk around pretty much naked. I have no problem with that aspect.

I will definitely go again next was awesome fun and I love the vendors and just people watching.

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