Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WOD 2nd time

DAMN...ok so this evening at the gym, I did that WOD again. This time I TIMED myself. I had a few peeps from the gym join me to do it. To refresh your memory..if you are too lazy to scroll down:

Modified WOD #6 crossfit regional

Row for 20 calories
30 Burpees
40 Ground to Overheard (35lb dumbbells)
30 Burpees
20 Toes to bar

Brandon - got under 10mins. high 9s
Scott - got high 10s
Gerald - original time of 11:31 improved to 11:11



First time I did I did it...I just wanted to complete...tonight I realistically want to get it done in under 30 mins. So not too shabby.

I will be in pain for the next 3 days...but worth it. I FEEL EFFING AMAZING.

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